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Required Mods:

Soil Mod
Multifruit Mod

Log Changes:
* Map successfully ported over.
* Recreated cow zone and changed the pasture to make full use of the stock barn.
* Recreated animal nav meshes sheep and chickens.
* Egg sell trigers added to farm shop and bakery.
* Ported as much stuff from Newbie Farm 2013 V6 map as i needed.
* Career start point moved to farm house.
* Put bridges in place (stock FS15 bridges).
* Added farm sheds.
* Multisilo (stock fs15 building) used over the silo’s used in FS13.
* updated the field textures.
* Animal zones all done and working.
* FS15 lumber mill put into place.
* Mountains behind field 2 moved back and field 2 made bigger.
* The road near field 4 moved closer to the mountains so the size of field 4 could be increased.
* The tree’s between field 6 and 7 reduced and the field made bigger.

* Tree’s between fields 9 and 10 reduced and field 9 made bigger.
* Mountain behind field 13 moved back and field size increased.
* Tree’s between fields 10 and 14 reduced and field 14 made bigger.
* Price for logs reduced drastically.
* Convayor added for wood chips.
* Paintable tree’s removed from near field 3 and forsetry tree’s placed there.
* field 14 terrain changed so its no longer flat.
* Starting vehicles in place.
* Modified terrain near lumber mill for a few placeable buildings for Frito.
* Modified terrain for old pig pen so placeable pig and cattle pens could be placed there.
* removed windrows from the frieght yard to encourage baling.
* Added tree’s around the placeable buildings over at the lumber yard.
* Watermill added.
* Gate on sheep pasture added.
* Gate added to Chicken pen.
* Modified the road going up to the bakery.
* Removed some painted tree’s and replaced them with forest tree’s.
* Increased the size of the field near the bakery.
* Added a fence around the edge of the mountain next to the road going up to the bakery.
* Removed most of the painted tree’s around the garden centre and replaced them with normal tree’s.
* Removed shrubs from garden centre.
* Added fence to garden centre and added another entrace as well.
* Removed painted tree’s from freight yard and replaced them with normal tree’s.
* Removed painted tree’s from some area’s along the road and replaced them with normal tree’s.
* Removed shrubs from some places along the roads.
* Removed painted tree’s from around the mill and village and replaced them with normal tree’s.
* Removed some shrubs from around the mill and village.
* Removed painted tree’s from road leading to BGA and replaced them with normal tree’s.
* Water mod added.
* Opened up the land going to the bakery even more.
* Increased size of field near bakery a little more.
* Updated map briefing.
* Balanced prices and growth times for all fruit types.
* Removed storage sheds for grass, silage, mixed rations and straw due to serious lag issue’s when using them.
* Multi silo added for straw, grass, silage, chaff and mixed rations.
* Removed placeable starting buildings because it was to easy with them installed.
* Mountain between fields 1 and 24 has been changed to all for the fields to be made bigger.
* Road put in from Mill to field 24 to open the map up a little more.
* Field?? increased and all painted tree’s replaced for default ones.
* Terrain at the back of field 14 changed to all for field 14 to be bigger and all painted tree’s replaced with default ones.
* Added sprayer, frontloader and 2 weights to starting equipment.
* Default tree’s put in place of the painted ones.
* PDA Done.

* Bridges fixed
* Fixed price of logs
* Fixed Grain stations, replaced them due to errors.
* Fixed water mod, removed wheat and water troughs from chickens as it throws errors.
* Fixed price of field 19 and size.
* fixed floating egg in chicken pen

Credits: * Luke159
* Giants
* NI Modding
* Hoftankstelle v 3.0 by ——- Icebear_Lars
* moggo
* LG PaPa
* LG model Eicher
* Marhu
* Katsuo
* Xentro
* WBF-contracting1
* NI Modding
* Farmi
* modelleicher
* TwistedGA
* nlinetec
* tim
* sandgroper
* MultiMikie123
* GhillieSniper
* Prlek Modding
* Tessmann85
* Neurotek
* Decker
* TwistedGA
* Xentro
* kaosknite
* WKubota
* Weltbauer
* Bernd Bauer
* FreddyK
* LwFarming
* Eribus
* Blacky_BPG
* Reaper9111
* MFG Raptor5
* AlbertL
* JohnDeere1952
* CG Tetures
* bassaddict
* xXdanielXx
* Decker_MMIV
* Napalm
* dural
* webalizer
* Leos50


LS15_NewbieFarm_V1 (file size = 286 MB)

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  1. Stsphen says:

    best map of 2013 -but too dark at night and the Tractor headlights wont light nothing palace can you try to fix it

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