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New Holland Bundle V 0.95 BETA

New Holland Bundle V 0.95 BETA
v0.95 Beta change log – Added engine cover / hood decals for ALL tractors. – Increased size of T7 to roughly match Timbers Puma 230. – CabinSuspension is now disabled at speeds < ~2km/h (stops shaking seat when stationary). – Added dual wheel collisions to T8s and T9s.

– All dual wheels can now be toggled on and off (collisions update correctly). – Added rear dual wheels to T7.170, T7.235, and T7.260. – Fixed decal shape for T7s (not hanging in the air now). – Locked front axle for “light” tractors (T4 and T5) to stop oscillation. – Fixed (red) rear lights on T4.

Credits: Giants, Spartan086, JoXXer, fruktor, fozzy691


NH_Fleet_Spartan086_095B (file size = 131 MB)


  1. Josh says:

    Mate, this is one of the best mods I have come across ever. Built great and runs like a dream and has a huge variaty of gear to choose from. I know this is asking a lot but would there be a possibility of doing the same thing with Case?? Just thought that this mod had huge potential.


  2. dan says:

    any chance of doing an update where it has ic controls ie sunroof doors rear window be a great adition to an already great mod

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