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Uploaded by RussianFarmer

Welcome to New Folley Hill Farm which is located in the rural Somerset Valleys. Time has passed since you last played on Folley Hill Farm (V1 & V2) and demand for your crops, wool and milk has risen. This has caused you to take some of your time digging out the mud, grass , weeds and old rusty equipment from your yard. By cleaning out the two main yards you are now able to store canola, wheat and barley until it is necessary to sell as well as store a larger amount of equipment. The cows and sheep’s area has also had trees and hedge lines trimmed to allow for better visibility when working.

In the last month you have worked alongside the village council to have the road surface improved just pasted the duck pond. They have responded to this request and the bumps caused by the rocks/potholes in the road have been removed, making the road much easier to drive on.
Folley Hill Farm itself is suited to smaller equipment as the farm buildings in the yard are built close together in a time when modern tractors and harvesters didn’t exist. You are the owner of many small/medium grass fields and some have a steeper gradient than others. The land also offers an assortment of medium sized arable fields, although with the fertile land some of the grass fields could be plowed over, if needed to keep your live stock bedded with straw. You have been granted full permission to cut down trees in the woodland area as there is high a demand for timber at the timber mill.
You start off with a few old rickety vehicles left behind by your grandfather previous to his retirement and a few arable fields planted to get you started, the bank in the village also offers you a £200,000 loan should you need it.
Needed Mods if you want starting vehicles .
This is the original link to the mod, I own none of this mod I am just adding it for authenticity.
Optimal Mods (which may enhance game play ).
Highly Recommended (Classic small tractor pack)
Highly Recommended (Classic small tractor pack)
Highly Recommended (To replant trees)
Recommended (Peaceable heaps)
Recommended (Allow Peaceable Heaps to work)
Recommended (Real Terrain)
Map Information
1. Milk will be auto sold at midnight
2. Timber industry with sell points for wood
3. Agricultural shop for buying/selling farm vehicles
4. One grain sell point for all arable crops in game
5. Farm house (Start point in game )
6. Two main yards with refueling point, seed/fertilizer refilling points ,and a silage bunker
7. Cow and Sheep yards/barns
8.Pleasant village
9. Tight lanes and yards
10. Steep valley terrain
11.Woodland area for forestry
12.Classic starting vehicles
13. Small to medium fields
14. Chicken eggs to be sold at shop yard
15. Wool to be sold at shop yard
Following are not included in this map
Bale sell point, as bales are to be used for your animals.
Bio gas / silage sell point
This map has been designed considering performance on all system types and specs. The maps foliage layers and density have been optimized to allow for improved performance and frame rates.

Credits: I would like to say a huge thank you to Chewzacca861 for allowing me to release an edited version of his map Folley Hill Farm V2 . Chewzacca861 has been very generous providing me with the layout and terrain of his map Folley Hill Farm. Original Map Author : Folley Hill Farm (V1 and V2 ) Chewzacca861 New Folley Hill Farm V3 Author : Chewzacca861 And FYD Map input and ideas : McCORMICK_X70.80, Rob Basham ,Yelibam and weegrant1980 Advice and Tutorials, JDMFARMS, Dorset, BulletBill83 Objects and parts from: Chris7710 Lord Williams Jarhead346 Blobby Farmer NI Modding BVCX3 Giants Software CG13 Xblur Tommx55 Clay Country Modding FarmingFozz15 FS-UK modteam OxygenDavid Robbie Testing Team FYD, weegrant1980 , flare scarb , Foxtail Mod Team


New_Folley_Hill_Farm_V3 (file size = 243 MB)

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