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Mountain Goat V 1.0.1 HOTFIX FullColored

Mountain Goat V 1.0.1 HOTFIX FullColored

“Mountain Goat 16.540 prototype”


The “mountain goat” is my very first change here and everywhere in LS15. Sometimes the “mountain goat” in my eyes may well be a real tractor, so the Protoypbezeichnung.


The original idea came to me in the first place with the “mod” to start, as I had downloaded and tested by Paradox Agi be Deutz Fahr Forestry Quadtrac down.
For my purposes, too easy and here and there ….

“There must personally for me yet more changes here,” was my thought. So I threw myself just once at the deep end with absolutely no knowledge of GE.
The only thing I’m good at graphics are, and I diesemal even needed some help.
I asked myself personally so once the question what I was doing when applying this change / extension, or would like to achieve. Certainly no fuss!

I felt Agi’s QuadTrac to light and very kippa due. For me personally, far too little power! Some color please should be.
Color? Agi’s Deutz’ had before the color! Is Being can matter I had in front of him on the mountain goat, the color done, but back to topic.

fs modsfarming simulator 15 mods

I turned now, then, as now capable forester, to the workshop of my confidence. Now this, I submitted my wishes and asked you to meet you. We made blueprints of my ideas, you revised, changed and now you found a relatively good balance.
Requirements for the workshop were:
high stability
high torque along with increased power
advanced gear adjustment
color Selection
darker diesel smoke
slightly tinted windows
In short, the “mountain goat” should therefore be an extremely heavy off-road tractor, which should still play a trick on confined space of gravity. The result has overwhelmed me smooth!

Mountain goat 16.540 prototype
Performance data sheet
Heavy forestry work unit
Working width 3m
Total Weight (incl. Chains) 16to
8Zylinder 15896ccm³ series diesel engine with 397kw / 540Ps
(max) of torque at 3800 (max) 1 / min 1409Nm
converted continuously variable transmission ZF-split over-
stiffened and reinforced frame structure
Factor 1.2 widened chassis
Factor 1.2 widened cockpit for excellent all-round visibility
Consumption (max) load 148ltr
strongly reinforced abgeändertes hard suspension
Steel-reinforced fabric chains forestry use (3,6to)

Acknowledgements / Rights and planned enhancements:

So towards the end, I really have to say that it has already given me quite a lot of fun to konzpieren the “mountain goat”. The implementation was accordingly difficult, very difficult, and has become a somewhat larger project for me as a father. I put oodles time in this project in order to even understand first how everything works and much more.
I REALLY ANY DUTIES Modder my respect !!!!
Now I know what it means for us “User” means something great to get modded! I know now what it means to provide a mod and how much work at all plugged inside!

ALSO finally stopped nagging on and counting peas. Silk times rather glad that there are people who really run the mod with heart and soul and are not so strict, if you fail to times you something!

I thank you hereby for:
-Paradox Agi (Deutz)
-John Barleycorn (.dds assistance)
-Timber131 / Steve007 (Mammoth)
-Güllemax (Mammutpoltergabel you -ja was ordered by Me Güllemax … hahaha, Decals, store image)

What is planned?
The mountain goat is still NOT ready! For my part, I would like to add here and there a few things!
Let us surprise you!

!!! ONLY THEN when I published the FINAL version of the mountain goat, you are allowed to “you” with a brief info / PM to me, EVERYWHERE – redistribute BUT NOT change with the names of my person,


I offer you to the mountain goat in two different downloads (PACKS).
1x with choice of color in the interior as a package with the Güllemax loaders and Poltergabel (COLOREDIT)
1x without color choice in the interior as a package with the Güllemax loaders and Poltergabel (COLOREDIT)
and yes I have the connivance of Güllemax offer a colorized version.
The reason for color tools I often see, even in the company where I work. Since “dangerous” work machines where you could hurt painted separately “warning colors”! That was the point of the Poltergabel to add color.

Now I wish you much fun with the mountain goat (and me first, some relaxing, quiet days.)

Your Shoebeck

The mountain goat is packed in one package! Please extract the archive and copy all files in the .zip modfolder!
You can find the “mountain goat” under CATEGORIES (MODS) / FORESTRY EQUIPMENT !!!


HOTFIX_1.0.1_Entpacken!Bergziege!Unpack!Color (file size = 30 MB)

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