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MinMax V 1.61

MinMax V 1.61

Version 1.61
This Mod is a small tool that displays at the top right the higher product prices. When there is a product in high demand, the corresponding prize flashes.

The combination of Alt and F2 keys to enable or disable the display. V161 Uploading the display of the amount of silage. V1.60 Fixed the flashing frequency high-demand products. Added display of the quantity of products in stock

Credits: Christophe Calippe


MinMax2  (file size = 16 KB)


  1. Jens says:

    Hi, its a nice mod, but it has an error in timerprix() line 269. i get this error:

    Error: Running LUA method ‘MinMax.timerPrix’.
    C:/Users/Jens/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//MinMax/MinMax.lua:269: attempt to index global ‘g_currentMission’ (a nil value)

    i hope it will be fixed soon. have it also in older versions of this mod.

  2. kemosabe says:

    minmax doesnt work, animalHUD working good but minmax not. there is very small empty black box at right side of screen, below animal hud frame. i tried without animal hud didnt work

  3. Doug says:

    Last version of this that has worked for me is v1.32. Any of the newer version after that dont show up at all. Pressing alt f2 doesnt make it appear and just makes the help guide bug out and take up the whole left side of the screen. Shame cause I love this mod and would like to get the new version.

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