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Mod Mills tested for the game Farming Simulator 2015. This is not to buy the object Mills Pack, and it is necessary to install it on a map using GIANTS Editor v6.0.3 or v6.0.2 and prescribe manually ordinary notebook. After installing the fashion area you will have a couple of new missions.

Pack mill consists of four mills, three of them are processed flour of three varieties of grain: corn, wheat and barley. A water mill, which processes rapeseed (canola) as fuel for vehicles. To her, you’ll have to carry rape (canola). Just draw your attention to the fact that the fuel that would produce a mill is absolutely free. What would you need to run the mill around it and where the door, press R.

Important: the mill to work correctly, you need to activate the mod AAA_UniversalProcessKit version 0.9.8, it is present in the archive. In continuation you need to set yourself a bakery that takes flour exclusively from these three mills!

Credits: VAHA (VAHHOB022)


obekt_melnicy_v1_0 (file size = 6 MB)


  1. Wolf67 says:

    FYI:The modDesc.xml entries given have many spaces and type-o’s. Not to hard to figure out, but a pain anyways.

    Other then that, nice mod.

    But I have to ask, why dose the wheat mill make wheatflour and bran?
    What do you do with the bran?
    I can’t find a use for it, or a sell point that will buy it. Any ideas?

  2. brownthumb says:

    @Wolf67, how did you get it to even work,i get this error,the required upk version of this mod (0.9.9) doesnt fit your upk mod (0.9.8),and the (0.9.9)version can’t be found or doesn’t exist, then it can’t find the lua file no matter where i put it, i first left it in the mod pack with correct path to it, then moved it to scripts file with path leading to it there, still it couldn’t find it, then had to do this (Application exit request forced.) to get out of play mode. Would like to use this mod so help from anyone would be very much appreciated, Thanks.

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