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March $100 Winner is ☆Rambow145☆

Gentleman just had a talk with my administrator(the owner of entire network) and today I have the honour to announce March $100 Winner. You already know since Dec 2014 each and every month is rewarding the most helpful modder for submitting ls15 mods, fixes, conversions and all related ls15 modifications to our network via + Add Modification

March Winner is ☆ Rambow145 ☆congratulations


I ask Rambow145 to send via our Contact form the following information to initiate the $100 transfer via Western Union ASAP: first name, last name, city, country, phone number. Thank you! Remember we pay as well fees so you get $100 not less not more. Well you already know that since you won last month too. Well done!!! Keep it up!

BIG BIG BIG THANKS to all modders that were so helpful this month and here I’m proud to mention some Really Super Cool Guys which you may already know including those who just share mods:

Joa, darius, OfTheSun, Christian Ohlweiler, chubbzfarmz, adcrafter27, Luculus, dasmihkel, Franois BZH, thibo, Shun7171, gwwendall, -=MZG=-Mobbingpapst, redneckgamer086, lookee86, FarmBozza, kaleb hensley, Megatron, wcfb75, Dino, Raptor700, sandermen, Karlos, Thomas L’Agriculteur, TheBrain.


Also want to let you guys know we have now over 17,600 fans on our Facebook page, over 2500 fans on our Google+ page and the most important we have over 5500 ls15 mods in our database which makes us the largest network with ls15 mods at one-click access with direct download and high-speed connection as you like it. Super cool RIGHT!?!

Come visit us on a daily basis, our team is searching all new ls15 mods on INTERNET and you guys already know the best place to find them and to download them for FREE is of course the one and only

Also want to announce starting from today the contest for April starts, any ls15 mods you submit from today after this announcement will be taken into consideration when choosing the Winner for April month, as you guys seen Rambow145 was helpful last month too and because he was most helpful this March he got the prize because he really deserve it, let’s face it, you guys noticed we don’t reveal number of downloads but I can tell you that from my manager account I see insane number of visitors daily, and literally they generate thousands of downloads on a daily basis and that because is THE BEST NETWORK to get the latest LS15 Mods on a daily basis. Thank you!

Enough with bragging 😛 , let’s get back and play, well actually I’m working but you guys playing the one and only LS15. Happy farming!!!




  1. BloKKmonsTa187 says:

    Congratulations Rambow. But hopefully now these Tracked Mods take an End. It was way too much. Tracks Everywhere 😉 even normal Cars got Tracks.. GZUZ CHRIST. But unfortuned you havent built a Grain Cart with Tracks on :/
    Anyways Enjoy the Money. Get a Drink. CHEERS

  2. Rambow145 says:

    I will send you my info soon I need to wake up a little I was up late getting them fords fixed to upload I was trying to fix it so hay would stay on better but no luck. Thank you again!!

  3. nikel says:

    love you mods

  4. chubbzfarmz says:

    Congrats Rambow145 I knew you had it……

    • BloKK says:

      Who else if not Rambow 🙂
      OftheSun doesnt earn a Penny. Log Errors and Call stacks in every Mod he Touches

      • says:

        It takes time to learn modding and if he keeps trying, watching tutorials and stuff he will learn how modding should be done.

        And I’m pretty sure one the guy will be one of the best modders. He just need to keep and keep working on them till he learns.


        • BloKK says:

          Ive seen More then over 40 Mods with His Name underneath.. and everyone is Bad for your Log.txt
          Severe Errors and Call Stack. And all that in Mods that was Logerror Free before he touched them.!!?? If he would have learned it.. he already would.
          My Suggestion is keep them out of your mod folders.
          Or then just dont complain abou laggy Game ^^

  5. Jango says:

    this site is the best mod site for fs15 and rambow145 makes some of the best mods out there!

    • says:

      Indeed, thank you Jango!


      • chubbzfarmz says:

        Agreed this site is awesome and always growing, the modders are great and the staff here is amazing….. wouldnt want any other site this one is top notch and Rambows mods are taking it over the top…. Great job to both now im gonna have some fun in some fords lol.

  6. Jango says:

    hey could one of u awesome modders convert his truck for me please i keep failing at it

  7. chubbzfarmz says:

    Chubbzfarmz made the cut…. Glad Rambow won he really deserves it…..

  8. MathijsH123 says:

    Hey rambow! I always love’s your mods! Keep making mods! Plsss Hihi

  9. Joa says:

    Congratulations Rambow145 i really like your uploads

  10. Rambow145 says:

    Thank you so much Joa !! 🙂

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