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MAP FS15 V1.0

MAP FS15 V1.0

MAP FS15 V1.0
Cantal MAP_FS15
pig, beef, goose, chicken, lamb
viehmarkt 2.0
GMM mod
One village
44 fields
2 farms
1 bga

3 forests
oat and alfalfa cultures
Two point of sale of grain
And many other surprises

Credits: Model: FS15_mapping
Texture: FS15_mapping
Idea / Concept: FS15_mapping
Testing: Ferme de la souche, TT8470, Flosnic
Other: Marhu, farmerAndy, Kastor, frabel ls modding, LS agri team, webalizer, upsidedown and many, many many others,thanks to them for their great job(work).


Pack_mapfs15 (file size = 521 MB)

One comment

  1. A Christian Gamer says:

    Bad map, not able to get vehicles out of the dealership’s yard.

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