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Major LGP 2050 V2.0

Major LGP 2050 V2

Scale 1:1
Capacity: 9319.5 liters
Price: €15400


MajorLGP2050_V2 (file size = 4 MB)


  1. Farmer_S says:

    The author of this mod strictly wishes for this mod not to be uploaded to any other website, see the true upload page for info:
    Under Copyright info. FS-UK is the original site for this mod, and the author is a moderator at FS-UK, his username is currently “Patrick”.

    • Chubbzfarmz says:

      All is fair in love and war….. the mod was uploaded and s therefore now fair game to be re uploaded anywhere without any permissions, sorry but you wont get anywhere posting your comments

      • Farmer_S says:

        Unfortunately, there are those who don’t share the same opinion, and thinking like this is what is driving all the “good” modders away, and only making private mods. I half-agree with you on this, though: I think people SHOULD be allowed to re-upload it, but with proper credits given. I think the credits are important, but so long as the credits are there, it should be allowed anywhere. For people who are only making private mods, you just have to look at any mod with some real quality, such as lindebjb and his john deere mods. P.S. that last sentence of yours came off as a little rude, I just want there to be a little respect for who created this mod.

        • Chubbzfarmz says:

          I didnt do it but I do agree with you but how many times I have seen this happen its doughtful anything will change, I just wanna have fun with the mods not fight over them, and ps, i wasnt tryin to be rude but have you seen anything get changed i was being truthful it wont get changed either…. theres a big diff there bud so dont try schooling me until the wetness behind your ears dries up

          • Chubbzfarmz says:

            now you can say my last comment was rude i gave ya something to work with since you didnt understand the first time

          • Farmer_S says:

            Oh I completely understood the first time, and I really don’t see the need for you being so rude, I was never rude to you in the first place, yet you are to me. I just don’t get it. And I wasn’t trying to “school you” or anything of the sort. So let’s end this now, and don’t be rude to me in the future, especially when I wasn’t rude to you in the first place. It would be granted if I had been rude to you, but I wasn’t, so.

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