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A great map for Farming Simulator 2015. The map is called Lublin Valley and has:

+ Cows
+ Sheep
+ Hens (feeding and watering)
+ WaterMod
+ Machines to start
+ Silos for sawdust, beets and potatoes
+ Silos for grains
+ buying fields
+ Garden shop
+ Store farming
+ 1 village
+ 1 gospodartwo
+ several small farms
+ Sawmill
+ Purchase of sawdust
+ Purchase wool
+ Sale of eggs

+ 1 The purchase of grain
+ 2 The purchase of grain
+ 3 purchase of grain, beet and potatoes
+ Purchase straw
+ biogas plant
+ 1 large forest
+ several smaller forest
+ Long narrow fields (together 116ha)
+ to start 2 fields (including 1.30ha)
+ Polish climate
+ Lubelski Author

Credits: RajotGPlay2


Lubelska_Dolina_LS15 (file size = 356 MB)

One comment

  1. Smokee says:

    Hiya RajotGPlay2 🙂

    First of all I your map …. BUT….. It appeared from the start that my Cultivator & Plough very dragging and colliding with the ground. Then I went to place a Placable, which could not be placed properly as it was hanging in the air. So I went into Giants Editor and had a look around your map. It appears that you may have, by mistake, altered the terrain level. Also there were trees off map in the background also floating in the air. Oh and there was squirrel up there also :-). I have not come on here to criticise your map, merely to give you a heads up. Oh and the filed to the right as come of the farmyard was not playble. But to do this I have called it field 31. But you must do this you type in a bolean >>>> ownedByPlayer <<<< and click the tick box next to it in the users attributes. I have spent a whole day on amending your map and looking to playing on it now. Thanks again for making this map.
    Smokee 🙂

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