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LSNG V 1.0 Multifruit

LSNG V 1.0 Multifruit

Welcome to the LSNG Map
This folder is lots to do for the big and the small farmer.
This is my 3rd folder that I have made and would like to share with you.

Be found in the folder are several fields from large to small.
Field 13 and 21 are own property, Field 13 is grassland and 21 Wheat.
in this folder is multy fruit built, Sunflowers, Klee, Oat, rye and Lucerne

On the farm is a storage for grass, straw, silage for storage or in the mixing console,
there is enough storage for machines.

There are chickens, and pigs found in the folder and take it to the slaughterhouse or supermarket.

a good contractor with enough storage can be of service to everyone.

There is a garden center for the purchase of trees and at the garden center you grasses, solid and liquid manure, beets, potatoes, chips,
hay, straw and more for sales

What can all be found in the folder

-country trade
-garden center
-lumber yard And sawmill
Storage of cereals, beet, potatoes, sunflowers, Klee, and Oat

Mod that are needed to play the game

Mest Kalk Mod
Zunhammer water en Melktank
Joskin Betimax RDS7500
Multi Fruit
MultiMowing V 3.1

Credits: Gert-K, Giants, Fatian, Eifok, Marhu, webalizer, Blacky_BPG, Keiner, Kyosho


LSNG_MultiFruit (file size = 426 MB)


  1. eddy says:

    je n’arrive pas a ouvrir les porte des hangars de la ferme quelqu’un ces comment on fait ou sur quelle touvhe y faut appuyer ?

  2. Popz says:

    This is a well designed Map\Farm. I really like it.
    But I found 2 issues that need attending.
    1. The Grain Mill sell point is at the back door of Edeka Store, and should have it’s own place on the map.
    2. In the modDesc.xml klee & Luzerne are listed as Multifruit crops, but in the prices list they are not there so how do we know where to sell them.

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