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LogOn Log Bumper

LogOn Log Bumper

Uploaded by EZP

Version 1.0
Log Bumper by EZP Version 1.0 – August 9/2015
Here’s another totally unrealistic, but somewhat useful mod…
The fellas in the LogOn fab shop took a few measurements and put this together out of the leftovers and cutoff from their last trailer build. Designed for use with the Steyr Multi, it can attach under and be used in conjunction with a front end loader for quickly moving and sorting felled logs. In the lowered position, the bumper just skims the ground so you maintain steering control while still be able to move even small tree tops.

On rougher terrain, of course you should be prepared to lift and lower as required.
-tires by and thanks to… jjgg349
-gets dirty
-colour choice.
-goes up and down
-136 kg / 300 lbs
If you download it and find it useful that’s great! I hope you enjoy it.
If you don’t like it, just go ahead and delete it.
Do not edit and re-upload this mod or any derivative thereof.
Do not package this mod or a derivative thereof in a ‘mod pack’ without my express permission.
I am easily found by the user name EZP on many popular FS15 sites and forums. If you can’t reach me, then permission was NOT granted.
Any form of commercial use strictly forbidden.

Credits: EZP, Giants


LogOnLogBumper (file size = 1 MB)

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