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Liebherr 9800 V 0.1 Beta

Liebherr 9800 V 0.1 Beta

This is my conversion of Liebherr 9800 from FS13.

The mod is fully fuctional but have two errors in .lua files.

Warning: Loading file with invalid case ‘C:/Users/***/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LIEBHERR_9800/Scripts/Sound.lua’.
Warning: Loading file with invalid case ‘C:/Users/***/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LIEBHERR_9800/Scripts/Chenille.lua’.
You are free to try fix the problems.

Credits: TP-simulation


LIEBHERR_9800 (file size = 44 MB)


  1. kynan stenson says:

    tried mod works good right buy but can find out re started it

  2. John Deere 64 says:

    Dose anyone else have problems, like when it just slows down then stops, and then won’t move?

    I did find a solution to it, but it’s not very good.

    • Jimmy says:

      Same here. When I buy the damn thing, it’s all good. So I run it up to the mine and excavate with it, with no problems. Then I get a truck, wheelbarrow or anything else that hauls and it stops dead. I’ve downloaded it twice, from different sites and still get the same thing. What i can’t understand is, why anyone would even throw it on here when the LUA files are messed up. Oh BTW, one feller said: You’re free to fix em. Thanks man. Just show me how. Lua files are very small, but the impact plus the scripting is enormous.

      So, what’s your fix BTW, maybe it will help me. Email me…

  3. Iñaki says:

    Yo lo descargo y lo meto en la carpeta Mod pero no me sale.
    Me falta algo.

  4. mconrad y says:

    what Is the map

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