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Liebherr 634 V 1.0

Liebherr 634 V 1.0

FT modding presents the Liebherr 634for LS15! Have fun!

This mod allows you to add the following fruits:
asphalt cement concrete cracked dirt gravel sand lime rock

Mod indispençable for using this mod FRUIT TP:

Credits: FTmodding


FTmodding_Liebherr_634 (file size = 28 MB)


  1. beep says:

    What maps can I use this on? Need a mining type map 🙁

    • Farmer_S says:

      I know this is a great map, Pleasant Valley, much bigger than the default map, 4 times bigger to be exact, and there’s lots to do. The next big version is being worked on, but here’s the current release:

      You can keep up with the regular updates on this page, it’s one of the greatest maps out there, in terms of things to do, and there’s more coming in the next big update, but you already have so much to do. Mining is in this map, but you have to buy access to the mining site, which you’ll have to work for. Or, you could edit some money into your savefile if you want to mess around with mining straight away.

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