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Lakeside USA V 2.0 Fixes By Stevie

Lakeside USA V 2.0 Fixes By Stevie

Welcome to Lakeside USA V2, 806mb zip pckage.

Lakeside USA.
The map features 1 large farm centrally located by the large lake, the map is soil mod ready.

Multifruit, chopped straw, small medium and large fields, large forestry area, full custom PDA map, Embedded particles and fill planes for all map fruits, full modular storage for all fruits, V3 custom BGA sunken tip point with trailer support and takes many fruits and manures and pays plus adds to liquid manure, large custom animal zones

, watermod, manual gates, compost master, large placeable areas, Marhu sawmill and scripts, clean log, custom multifruit files, Animal fattening Chickens, Pigs, Beefs, Sheep, Rabbits sold at petshop and Geese. Seedmaster 2016’s, Beetpulp master, Pig Forage master, Mixstation, and much more to keep you very busy and make money in Lakeside USA. The map is course play tested and all trees can be cut with either the Ponsee or chainsaw. Have fun.

Thanks to Jim E, Randy H and Malcolm C for help testing.

Special thanks to all of the modmakers who make the superb map mods installed in Lakeside.

Special Thanks to Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil and IFKonator.

Dorset for some textures from his pack.
Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods, textures and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Blacky_BPG, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Stevie, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, Ifkonator, Dundee98, Kastor, KimG, Vertex_Design and Webalizer


lakesideUSAv2FixbyStevieUNZIPMEnew (file size = 811 MB)


  1. kyle says:

    just wondering why the storage shed for all the straw and stuff are black other than than the map is sweet! been looking for a good canadian map too

  2. Mike Whitten says:

    also the hire is not working on a lot of the fields unless I am doing things wrong. I have also found that the doors on the sheep and beef barns will not let you in. But this is a great map. Thanks for the time.

    • George says:

      You need the mod called map animation trigger in order for the gates to open. Hit the letter o and the gates should open. If not get out of your vehicle and walk up to the gate and hit the letter o, and your good to go. As for the hired helper I’m not to sure about that as I never had that issue.

      • Mike Whitten says:

        Thanks, however the only barns/gates that are not working is the cows and sheep barn. I do have the map animation trigger mop inside the mops folder. This here made be the update that will take care of the trouble so I am downloading it now. Again thanks for you reply.

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