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V1.1 Update 911mb zip SSS version

Manure sales fixed.
Liquid manure sales ramp placed at the BGA.
Cowzone manure conveyor fixed.
Watermod added to chicken zone.
Seedmaster replaced and multifruit config file corrected, trailers and seeders can be now be filled correctly.

Seed2fix embedded and zip removed from the package.
BeetPulp Master added to main farm yard, particles and fillplanes embedded, multifruit config updated.
Beet Pulp on Lakeside can not be fed to animals but sold instead.
Several floating objects and textures fixed.

Delete the old zip files and use the new ones in the package.

IMPORTANT delete the old multifruit zips which came with Ringwoods V2 and Black Rock Valley. The new file in the Lakeside pack works with all of the 3 maps.

Lakeside update End.

Credits: Stevie


Mega (file size = 911 MB)


  1. WhatMan says:

    Happy to see an update. However, on this version Hired Workers for harvesters doesn´t Work. I can harvest manually, but when hiring a worker, the cutter stops spinning, and harvester wont move. When unhiring, the harvester makes a big jump. Have tried two different headers. What to do?????

    • WhatMan says:

      I get a lot of error lines like the one below in my LOG. I have no other mods in my folder, and even standard Case IH9230 wont hire a worker.

      D:/Code/Giants/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/AICombine.lua(528) : attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘dirX’ (a nil value)
      Error: Running LUA method ‘update’.

      • Luis says:

        From what I understand the initial cultures you have to collect yourself after a cycle can hire workers, and the HSS version is super heavy some pc can give error and play better choose the SSS version reap the two cultures yourself I tested hire workers to plant one CMPO and not think of anything wrong I read the map description BlackRock it was there about it.
        I hope it has been helpful.

  2. Sascha says:

    Hello Stevie, Ich hab ein Problem an Feld 17 oder 16,wenn ich den Helfer aktieviere hängt sich das Spiel auf und es läuft die ganze zeit das Geld runter. Bitte Fixen

  3. george mullin says:

    Anyone have any idea as to what herbicide we spray on Sorghum? Just planted it last night but when i looked on google at the soil mod guide sheet, i didnt see sorghum listed for any of the herbicides? Does that mean i can use any herbicide to prevent weeds or is there a certain one to spray? last thing i want to do is kill the crop due to wrong herbicide.

  4. Eviltidi says:

    Oh man, this map lags like a SoaB !!!
    Even at the lowest settings.
    And I’ve played much bigger games then this without any problems.
    Helper goes crazy when I use it.Money is gone.
    Unloading washed potatoes doesn’t work at freightstation.
    Loading vegetables, even with mods that are made for this, don’t work.
    To bad because it’s a great map with lots of cool functions.
    Hoping for the ultimate fixed version.

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