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Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack V 12.0 Beta

Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack V 12.0 Beta

Table of Contents:

1: Preface
2: Pack contents
3: Specification
4: Functions & Keyboard Layouts
5: WIP thread and Error Collection
6: Known Bugs
7: For the future
8: Update History

1: Preface

The Beast Pack project have been around for almost 4 years, restive, the pack has evolved and improved. It is equally proceed.

So up to this point first thanks to all of you who helped with the Site and to the people to realize the project.

2: Pack Contents 8 mods

Krone BigX 1100 Beast
Krone ÜLW dolly axle Cargp3 prototype
Krone Easy Flow Pickup
Krone Easy Collect Maisgebiss
Krone XDisc cutter for Grass and Grain
Krone Header Trailer
MAN TGS 8×8 agricultural
MAN TGS agricultural Bergmann Silage construction

3: Specification Size 98.01MB

4: Functions & Keyboard Layouts

! Please also pay attention to the right device for you if what you want on / switch, the Hud note in the upper left corner and the it!

(Must be BigX selected) Twin wheels button KEY_KP8
(Must be BigX selected) chains Trac Soucy button KEY_KP7
Counterweight on (BigX must be selected) button KEY_B
Counterweight off (must be BigX selected) button KEY_X
Pipe show (must be BigX selected) Press O
(Must be BigX selected) silage tank in / out without function key L

Open and close button Dolly bunker (Cargo must be Dolly selected) KEY_M
Dolly bunker rotate (Dolly Cargo must be selected) Press X
Dolly bunker ÜLW Trailerlift axis (Dolly Cargo must be selected) KEY_v
ATTENTION Dolly can be folded on street only empty !!!

MAN TGS agricultural attacher coupling high (MAN must be selected) button KEY_5
MAN TGS agricultural attacher clutch down (MAN must be selected) button KEY_6

MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left high (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_n
MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_j
MAN Bergmann trailer prop right up (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_m
MAN Bergmann trailer prop right down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_L
ATTENTION operation of the supports on the outside of the switches (see picture)

5: WIP thread and Error Collection
Here you will find all information about the project
And here please post all defects and faults

6: Known Bugs

Recommended cluttered only in the state

7: For the future

Indoor Sound
IC control
Pack clean up continues
Revise Twin wheels
BigX silage tank dirt
Create LowAttacher hitch
Adjust driving performance
Lighting 3.1 block again
Remove Indoor lighting display more
Revise cutting transport protection model
Revise Particle systems BigX Pipe and Cargo
About loading cargo while cruising permit without losses
MAN cabins backlight
MAN Bergmann transport flaps
What you still such a / notice

Changelog LS2015 06/04/2015 19.30pm V.12.0 Beta:

– Created new pack
– Reworked textures
– Reflections away
– Cargo Dolly ULW integrated
– Cargo Dolly washable created Dirt
– Cargo Dolly xml tuning and adapted to BigX
– Installed BigX large pipe to the fold
– Adapted BigX xml tuning and on Cargo
– Installed track
– Built twin wheels
– Tinted dark
– Fixed flickering discs
– Lever Installed
– New textured Pipe
– Sound revised
– XML ??Tuning
– New terminal display with tachometer and lighting
– Interior lighting installed
– Silage tank built “without”
– Cutting transport protection Installed
– Installed Dolly standard light
– Weight of the harvester removed for cargo operations
– Added optional rear weight 2 tons
– Agro MAN Truck 8×8 Conversion
– MAN Bergmann Silage conversion

Credits: bullgore


Krone_Beastpack_&_MAN_Agrotruch (file size = 98 MB)


  1. Alex says:

    7: For the future

    a customizable license plate would be cool 😀

  2. lulojandokus says:

    met welke programma kan ik deze files openen
    ziet er vet uit


  3. MathijsH123 says:

    Met Winrar XD

  4. chubbzfarmz says:

    the pipe on the krone with the trailer will not pipe out, it shoots the grass over the front of machine, if it unfolded it would work properly, the other one works fine just the one with the tinted windows….

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