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Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester V 1.0 Beta

Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester V 1.0 Beta

It is on the standard like Ponsse!
– 1:1 Scale like the Original size
– 20Meter cut
– dirt
– and more!

Check it and see!
– no lights set!!!!!

Credits: ZoltanMolnar


Komatsu_941_TM2000 (file size = 84 MB)


  1. troptop says:

    enfin une coupe de 20 m

    • Rambow145 says:

      These go up to 20m too and they been out for a few months 🙂

      • Lee says:

        Although your comment is now over a year old I have found 1 ponsse that cuts at 30m max length. however it is not very effective at cleaning all the branches off. its a very stable and effective tree cutter in all aspect except for the branch clearing seems to miss one every 15-30 limbs that run thru so about 2-3 limbs per a large tree gets missed and left on the trunk. not sure how long the mod has been out that I found so It may be newer than your comment but just a heads up that there are bigger ones out there if your willing to sacrifice a bit of quality for size.

  2. Martin says:

    Nice modell but still a long way to go to finish it.
    – Lights not working / implemented in xml
    – Zylinder for main boom is missing
    – filesize much to big
    – physics errors

    @Rambow145 do you realy need to hijack other peoples mods for advertising your own mods? As far as i know not all of your mods ar realy made by yourself (one i know for sure) you just change a bit and re-upload them and i bet you do not always have the permission for re-upload 😉

    • Rambow145 says:

      @Martin Happy I can make you jealous!! 🙂 one day you will watch my videos on how to mod and you might be as pro as me maybe better but the way it sounds you will never be the best you get jealous to fast and can’t make your own path 😉 Just a tip take it how you want. I am a lot older then I sound and look so if you think I am in my teen or 20s hahaha way off!! Its been all the mud and farm dirt in reallife.. This is all I will say on this topic you can say the most mean thing or you can ask for help I will not reply to your name good day be very happy you was mean to a helpful modder shows the world how to do stuff you would of had to pay ton to know how to do for free give you’re self a big pat on the back!! we can all be A** wholes but some knows how hard it is to mod and me the only one putting videos out on how to do this stuff and jelly ppl like you try to mess it up for others. if you look in all my videos you will see I give Credits to the modders to help get there name out. this was a review btw on this mod, I didn’t say I made it so I don’t know where you got that from. Rambow145

      • Martin says:


        1. this is not my mod, i am only a “customer” even i can mod and create 3D Modells on gmax / 3ds-max and know how to work with v-ray, fume-fx, rayfire, krakatoa and some other programms 😉 So even i do not release any mods, i know how to create highly detailed 3D-Models.
        2. im not jealous, for what? for uploading a mod in many different coulours?
        3. Maybe you are much older than 20 or 30, but yo are acting like a baby. Btw. im over 40 😉
        4. A modder who need to advertise their own mods on other peoples mods, saying “hey my mod is better and was released month ago” would be the last one i would ask for help
        5. i never said you claimed this mod to be yours, i said i know of at least one mod you simply add some fruittypes and reuploaded it without permission of the modder. Naming him in the credits wouldnt make it better 😉 its still a “stolen” mod 😉

        Modders like you are the death of the modding community…

        • Chubbzfarmz says:

          Other people made up the characters of walt disney like mickey, donald, pinnochio but walt disney stole them after words and made a movie bout them, the world is full of re productions knock offs and self claimed one of a kinds but in the a nice mod was put up and your whinning like you lost your bottle, chill out, stfu, and play the game, no one cares you can count to 5 and write stuff afterwards, rambows mods are awesome, you can fly the %$#@ off

          • Chubbzfarmz says:

            and fyi your posts are whats killing this community not rambows mods

          • RodBearing says:

            Well said

          • Rambow145 says:

            Thank you so much!!! Thanks for standing up for me and I couldn’t have said the things that you said any better. I appreciate your support and it’s people like you that I try to make things better for. Not the whinny ones that seem to delight in picking out all the little bad things. Your support shows me that there are nice people in the world and you are one of them. You are AWESOME!!!

  3. Arvid says:

    mycket bra maskin

  4. Rambw145 eu aprecio seus mod muito bom, eu ainda estou gatinhando em ser um programador mas daqui uns anos eu chego lá, essa komatsu 941 ficou show.

    • Rambow145 says:

      Its not easy to pick up on but you will get there and you will get there I had to pick stuff apart to get where I am 🙂 Good luck 😉

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