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Klärwerk V 1.0

Klärwerk V 1.0

Must with the Giants Editor be installed.

First read, then decide whether you want to have it. Who this mod does not suit needs not to load.
The UniversalProcessKit (UPK) min. v0.9.8 of mor2000 must exist in modfolder.
Thank you to take this opportunity to mor2000 for his great work and the UPK.

The facts:
Post to deliver your own: manure. You get a bit of money for it.
From the manure is manure and sewage and waste water from the water which can be your purchase, 0.02 € per liter (level easy, medium and difficult correspondingly less).

Is produced per hour (including fluctuations in production).
The maximum capacity is:
Slurry: 200000
Wastewater: 100000 (this is only an intermediate product does not have any other function)
Animated manure and sewage basins
Mist: 100000
Water: 100000
Spring water: 100000 (produced automatically 1000l / h) available free of charge

!!! Spring water !!!
The spring water is automatically produced and is also free.
The trigger will only work if you use a mod, the spring water is required.
Without such a mod the rest of the production is running yet.
I have installed the spring water, since many users play with the mods of “Rosenthaler_ROS” and I also had some requests to do so.
I tested the spring water with the mod of “Rosenthaler_ROS, Fruits and Berries”
There it is called well water. Worked flawlessly.

Credits: Pucksta


Klaerwerk_UPK (file size = 4 MB)

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