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Kinze3800 sliding re-worked


exclusiveUploaded by Rambow145

I was asked how to fixed the sliding on this mod so I kind of told/ showed them but they could not fix it so I had a go at it,

The sliding is a little better. It don’t slide around now when planting!!

Credits: xyzspain, Rambow145


Kinze3800 (file size = 6 MB)


  1. Synovec Farms says:

    Can this plant soybeans like the John Deere?

  2. left-field farms says:

    Can you make it plant all of the standard fruits like the john deere version

  3. Nick McElroy says:

    Hey Rambow145.
    is there any way you could do a John Deere Round Baler?

  4. Nighty says:

    Very nice work, only problem is that it trembles around after you buy it and it sometimes does the same shaking if you uncouple it.

    • Rambow145 says:

      That might be patch 1.3 I seen the tires on tractors that are scripted, The back duals will do the same for me.

      • Farmer_S says:

        @Nighty: You just have to reset it to the farm, it will be fine afterwards, it just has an issue when you buy it.

        @Rambow145: The reason wheels shake on tractors since the 1.3 patch is because the wheels are usually another component, i.e not part of the tractor part… Hard to explain, but hopefully you know what I mean. Now, it’s not an issue if it’s on another component, but it needs to have a correct center of mass. I fixed one vehicle by setting the wheel’s components to a center of mass of “0 0 0”, or no center of mass. I haven’t looked, but I don’t believe that’s the issue with this.

        P.S. Keep up the good work Rambow145!

  5. harrison steck says:

    it is just showing up white for me???? any suggestions?

  6. parker says:

    mine is all white to

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