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Kinze3800 multiFruit


exclusiveUploaded by Rambow145

I added more seed types and tried to fix it so you could pull it faster but no luck and sorry to say I really didn’t try to long on it about 1 hour.

I would try this tractor to pull it this is a really nice tractor!!
It will plant wheat barley rape maize grass potato sugarBeet oat sunflower mohn rice soybean pea carrot onion triticale sugarcane cotton rye hops dinkel greenwheat sorghum

Credits: xyzspain,Rambow145


Kinze3800_multiFruit (file size = 6 MB)


  1. harrison steck says:

    it is just showing up white for me?? any suggestions?

  2. Josh says:

    Only shows up white for me to?? Anybody know what to do?

    • Rambow145 says:

      I shows up blue for me on my high end pc and on my low low end pc both blue so I would guess a mod is making it do this just a guess

      • Josh says:

        I tried using it on all maps, and purchased it before buying anything else from the store and its still white. Same with all reskins. Any ideas I could try to fix it? really wanna use is.

        • Harrison Steck says:

          Having the same problem and am tunning a high end Mac if that makes a difference

        • Rambow145 says:

          It might be your graphics, other then that I don’t know sorry 🙁

          • Rambow145 says:

            I don’t have a mac could you guys send me a pic some how of what it’s doing I don’t do emails atm, you can show me here or on my youtube, I don’t know if will let you post it here

  3. Josh says:

    I’m using a mac if that would matter?

  4. says:

    You guys can use our forum for this, has option to upload pics, option to send pm but is better to post it public so others can see. Thanks!

  5. Synovec Farms says:

    Need to make a hitch for the back of this planter to pull the Montage 1700 Gallon Nurse trailer.

  6. Synovec Farms says:

    Montag nurse trailer, sorry, dumb autocorrect on my phone. :/

  7. Synovec Farms says:

    Mine works fine, I have Windows 7 no Mac.

  8. clark says:

    Synovec Farms did you figure out how to put a hitch on the back?

  9. Synovec Farms says:

    Clark, no I haven’t. :/

  10. Synovec Farms says:

    Clark can’t put a hitch on it, my Editor is being stupid and can’t really use it, plus I’ve had a group steal my shed’s I built up so I quit making and releasing things since 2013.

  11. Corey says:

    I have a mac and it is showing up white for me as well. My version is uptodate.

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