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Kernstadt V 0.8.2

Kernstadt V 0.8.2

Uploaded by RussianFarmer


What is installed:
-Rindermast, Pig, goose fattening, chicken fattening, all standard Animals
-GMKK + Four kinds of fertilizer
-Kieswerk, Concrete factory, mill, Raffi aria Öl_Company, fruit farms, sawmill, fertilizer factory, production plant
-Fruits Are dieStandard fruits
-MixFeeder, Composting plant, mixing station, potato washer, potato damper, pig feed mixers

-GülleLager, Pallet purchasing centers for specific pallets
-No AI traffic
-Fahrende Trains
-Giant Woodlands
-Giant Fields with up to 107Ha

There is already a lot to do or not. Who says now …. why always so much to ne map …. You must not use anything;) I thought this card especially for MP / Server.

AlleWichtigen information can be found in Fact Sheet InfoBlatt_KernStadtLS15_v0.8.2

Required Mods:


You can find these mods by searching this site.

Credits: Marhu ,Giants ,Blacky_BPG ,Farmer_Andy ,Mannie313 Nils23 ,webalizer_ls ,Maurermatze ,Raptor5 JauchenPaule ,Nick98.1 ,Manuel ,mariodieck ,Farmer_Andy atze1978 ,Bluebaby210 ,Steinklopfer ,Funky RC-Devil ,Kastor ,tobiasgo ,HerrL ,El_Cid ,Mario | DtP


KernStadt_v0.8.2_bitte_entpacken  (file size = 688 MB)


  1. manon says:

    elle a l aire bien mais la map beugue

  2. palpwh1962 says:

    could not get it to work in my mods file I download it three time even put in it own mod file ??????

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