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Kenworth T680 Wrecker

Kenworth T680 Wrecker

This mod is now fully unlocked and you can edit it, it also actually tows vehicles via trailer attachers and not via load lock so it tows like a dead log, have fun
PS Keep so called locking mods and ill be more than happy to unlock them for everyone to actually enjoy

HAPPY TOWING FROM Fuct’D Moddings truly Eric
let the hate begin CHILDREN

Credits: Fuct’D Modding for making it actually work and to winston and carolinaboy for encouraging me to be the ASSHOLE i truly am


Kenworth_T680_Wrecker_UNLOCKED (file size = 48 MB)


  1. dany says:

    ca you make a green kenworth t 680 wrecker


    Hey look man we dont need you going around and unlocking private mods. If the owner wants them private, then let them be private. We dont need this shitty drama in our community. Your just gona cause chaos to the modders.

    • CanadianBadass says:

      yes finally someone says something!!!

      • CUMMINS_MODDER says:

        Yes someone needs to stivk up for this. I am a modder and I hate this in our community. If this wasnt here I would release but I dont want people taking credits for themselves for my work. Or for stuff like this. This is why all of our good modders quit. People like u Fuct’D Modding

  3. silveradodck says:

    it not going to hurt any thing

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