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This map I has add a highway system in to it, for very slow computers, so no detils, no speed limt on it. even can be a race track. Food storage in silos with oat and sunflower in it. all grains and woodclip and wood sell at farmshop. EX gas station buy gas pull to every fuel tank in the map, than can be use fuel. small cult and seeder mod need in to game. ZZZ_multiFruit needed too.

wheat rape barley maize oat sunflower klee luzerne rye potato sugarBeet woodChips
storage: wheat rape barley maize potato sugarBeet woodChips, but NO storage: oat sunflower klee (luzerne=alfala) rye. Cannot storage but you can seed havstering and sell it. I did my best, but cannot storage.

Credits: V2: Jordan Devault Texture: Jordan Devault Aditional Fruit Type:Jakob Tischler Testing: 4440 Modding/Mapping- Jordan Devault Buildings: Lindbejb Modding

V3: jack777


KansasV3.part3 KansasV3.part1 KansasV3.part2 (file size = 83 MB)

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  1. js says:

    would be better if all parts were in one zip file

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