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Capacity: 16000
A lot of functions: panel IC, dust, tire tracks etc.

Credits: Julian, DanhelGaming15


JDS690i_Edit_DanhelGaming15 (file size = 22 MB)


  1. Fabian Wrede says:


  2. Blain1971 says:

    It’s about time. So far it does not appear to have the dirt/washable feature but I will take it. All other functions are there, no missing commands. All lights, etc work as intended. Straw swath is aligned correctly and has detailed cab with indoor sounds. Works well with the 635R header. These were my favorite harvester Mod for ’13 and its nice to see them in 15 finally. Like I said it would be a complete package if they got dirty but … 🙂

  3. Blain1971 says:

    –Edit– I knew something would be wrong somewhere. The harvester lowers the corn headers too much and they dig in. So far I think it only does this with vanilla corn headers but it also does it with the mod corn header on the Lexion.

    • Blain1971 says:

      Ok….apparently the headers only dig in on even concrete parking lots. When out in the field they work fine. Don’t ask me. My earlier observation was from trying them in the dealership parking lot to see how low the header lowered, but when I tried the Capella corn header in a field picking corn it worked fine.

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