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JOHN DEERE Excavator LongArm


Uploaded by Rambow145

I fixed this one up with a longer arm and the weight so it would not flip over and fixed the tracks so it goes up the hills better just like the other john deere ones 🙂

Credits: Rambow145,Ombelis/Jordan chaleil & Serge44


JOHN_DEERE_Excavator_LongArm (file size = 45 MB)


  1. MathijsH123 says:

    Long arm with more textures?

  2. xactitans says:

    Rambow I’ve said this twice can it dig dirt!

  3. Seth says:

    Mine didn’t spawn with a bucket, is that a separate mod?

  4. canadian farmer says:

    thats not a deere excavator , first off they arent green painted lol maybe u should google them b4 making one bc thaat looks nothing like a real deere excavtor

    • Rambow145 says:

      Maybe you should work on a farm you will see all kinds of crazy paint jobs !! 😉

      • canadian farmer says:

        i do farm and that looks nothing like a deere excavator nothing at all they arent green at all they are tan like a cat or all american style seriously i would want a deere excavtor in my game but one that looks like the real one from deere u wouldnt buy a new one from deere and see it green fix this for next one if ur gunna make one make it right like the real one

        • Rambow145 says:

          Yea soon as I go to school to know how too, Most farmers would be like wow that’s really good because most farmer wouldn’t have a clue how to even open a mod let alone play a game, And now why I am going to tell you why I don’t think you work on a farm is what I said up there and most farmers don’t pick Little stuff out they brush it off there shoulders and use what they have. I know they are yellow I have ran them in real life. I didn’t fall on the tater wagon yesterday…. Them muscles you see in my intro on my videos are not from lifting weights. 😉

          • canadian farmer says:

            ya i farm my self and family and i have never seen a green deere excavator and yah the colour is not a little thing its a big thing when u like nice stuff on ur farm lol

  5. farmer man says:

    how can i make it possible to dog dirt. this machine looks sick ive seen one but never used it. nice mod.

  6. farmer man says:

    how can i make it possible to dig dirt on my map

    • Rambow145 says:

      You will have to find out what the name is for the dirt, Like is it dirt or is it called soil or something like that:) And if you can find out I will make a video on kind of how to get it to work;)

  7. Senpai says:

    Canadian Farmer, i find it rather amusing that you’re upset about something that you’re not forced to like nor forced to download. Being a modder is about making things you like or want. Everything doesn’t have to be just the way YOU want it, and it doesn’t have to be absolutely realistic to every slight millimeter.
    So please, do realise that this might be the way that Rambow wanted this excavator, and that you by no means should be able say it’s not right or that it sucks, becuase he might not have wanted it the way you want it. It’d be alot simpler for you to request one in the “correct” color scheme instead of running off on him making yourself look like an outright ass.
    Keep doing what you’re doing Rambow, and a good day to both of you.

    • Rambow145 says:

      Thank you very much you are awesome I agree with what you put completely. I try to make things everyone likes and if a person wants it a certain way all they have to do is ask and I TRY to do a mod making it the way they want it also.

  8. canadian farmer says:

    yes but i would like a deere excavator in my game but not one that doesnt look like the real one so i guess its too late for me to ask for u to make a real deere excavator ?

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