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John Deere 9400 V 1.0

John Deere 9400 V 1.0

This mod has no errors in log

Credits: EpicPrydaMods, BBM


ls15_JohnDeere9400 (file size = 28 MB)


  1. Blain1971 says:

    Non-working mirrors and even though it advertises 425hp, it cannot pull the gigant cultivator, requiring 300hp, up an incline. I have noticed a lot of the mod tractors are like this now every since 1.3 came out and it is truly annoying. Even the tasks that the tractor should do with ease slows it down to 1 or 2-3 mph at best.

    • guest says:

      that’s a VERY simple fix though…..any one with half a brain can do it in a matter of seconds…

      • Blain1971 says:

        Really? Then why don’t you tell what that fix is so us idiots can be so much more enlightened? And considering this problem keeps showing up there seems to be a lot of modders out there with only half a brain.

        • Don says:

          Pretty bad when someone releases a mod in that shape, and i am not going to dig into someone else mess to fix it for him..Pretty bad when the JCB out pulls it with the 2720..

          • Blain1971 says:

            Pretty bad that out of all the tractors released so far as Mods I have not found one John Deere mod that works as well as the vanilla tractors. I have had some mod CASE tractors work. But for some reason JD has a curse on it.

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