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Uploaded by Darius

Newest version of John Deere 690i:
– New engine sound (sounds like an turbo engine”
– Animation horns x3
– New harvester rotors
– Dense exhause sistem
– Hand animation

Credits: zVoxty


JohnDeere_690iT_v2.0 (file size = 35 MB)


  1. Blain1971 says:

    Harvester does not show up in Options Mod list or the store.

  2. Phantomlord says:

    Blain1971: remove the “period” in 2.0 from the file name and it will work. I had to do the same.

    Creator: Camera movement is messed up. You can pan side to side OK, but up and down doesn’t work properly.

    • Blain1971 says:

      Had the same issue with the camera until I unfolded it. What is up with having 3 augers in the collection bin? Also wheels are a little too wide and clip through the harvester. Also this was advertised as having new sounds…it doesn’t. It has the same standard sound as all the other JD harvester mods. I tried it with both normal running and with the header engaged and there is no turbine sound effect. Biggest disappointment in this one right there because I live surrounded by farm land and I know what a JD sounds like when it is working.

    • Blain1971 says:

      🙂 I guess it’s never everything you want, is it? 🙂

      • Phantomlord says:

        Usually not, I found an older version of the 690 I’m using instead. The camera was messed up for me after unfolding and still while harvesting. I’m surrounded by corn, soybeans, and JDs also. Never had a chance to actually work a farm so I’m living it virtually!

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