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John Deere 5055 Pack V1.0 edit V2

John Deere 5055 Pack V1.0 edit V2

Uploaded by Farmer_S

This is a fixed version of the John Deere 5055 pack that I uploaded recently, it fixes a few errors from the log, and the numbers for the speed are now visible, and the default tractor horn that annoys me so much is replaced with the car horn. Same deal as before, just a few fixes.

EpicPrydaMods – The original tractor.
Reaper9111 – The original tractor.
Farmer_S – very small edits/bug fixing.

Credits: EpicPrydaMods, Reaper9111, Farmer_S


John_Deere_5055_Pack_unzip1 (file size = 41 MB)


  1. MadChild_DK says:

    Nice! I really been waiting for someone to make one of the smaller John Deere tractors, just like these!

    I really cross my fingers, and hope they are worth downloading 😀

    • Farmer_S says:

      Yes, I do believe this is worth downloading, there should be no errors, I fixed them up. If you do end up finding anything wrong with it, let me know, and I’ll whip up a fix, to the best of my ability. One thing though, these tractors only really have 55 horsepower, but that’s the way they are in real life, so it’s realistic. All of the values for this tractor are realistic, I have a website I use to make sure.

  2. jordan says:

    can you make a 4640 john deere tractor??? that would be amazing

  3. kdogggggggggggggg says:

    can some one make jhon deer zero turn mowers and pushmowers,and can some one plese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make or convert the 1970 camaro from ls13

    • mike j says:

      the camero has been converted, a couple times. there are john deere mowers. the forums are the place to do request. try using google to search for those mods youre asking for chances are they exist….. there are dozens of mod sites for this game quite a few have exclusives you wont find on the aggregate sites like this.

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