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JCB 8310

farming simulator 2015 mods

exclusiveUploaded by EpicPrydaMods

This is the last mod from me!


Credits: EpicPrydaMods and Giants


EpicPrydaModsJCB8310Special (file size = 36 MB)


  1. Jörgen Mortensen says:

    Nice Traktor,but you cant bay it in the store

  2. seppl says:

    This is the last mod from me! This is the best what you can do !
    botch boy EpicPryda Mods

  3. Hein says:

    >>This is the last mod from me!<<

    I think it is also best that this is the last mod from you.
    First of all, why are there 12MB of files in the mod which are not even used by the mod? 12MB! This is a third of the archive! A sound file is missing in the archive, and to top it all, physics warnings in the log: Static Actor moved.
    If you don't know what you are doing, leave it best to the people who do know how to create mods correctly and without errors. Yet another EpicPrydaMods Mod which is just junk and rubbish. His Mods are anything… but they are certainly not epic. You can't even call them low standard or quality, they are even below that. And to call them 100% Exclusive is also just a joke, is the only site on the web that does accept any rubbish mod, no other site would even bother with his mods, as they are just sub-zero.

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