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Ingame Calculator V 1.0

Ingame Calculator V 1.0

There are quite some people that play FS with strategy and then it happens from time to time that you have to calculate some numbers.. So what to do, try it in your head, or minimize the game to open the Windows Calculator? Now there is a solution, the simple Ingame Calculator!

How to use it:
numpad key 0 and numpad key 5 both pressed open the calculator
then use the mouse to make use of the calculator
the calculator know the 4 basic operations, +, -, * and /
how you use a calculator i probably don’t have to explain…

If you want to release this mod on your own website please use the original download link, credits and the original description or at least make your own description that tells enough so anybody knows how to use this mod.
If you want to edid this calculator script or make it better you are free to do so and i encourage you to do so.. just please keep proper credits.

If you have any questions to the mod, found any bugs or have ideas on how to make it better, best post it right down in the comments 🙂

Now i wish you fun with this mod and be happy you don’t have to do calculations in your head anymore…
greetings, modelleicher

Credits: modelleicher


z_ingameCalculator (file size = 38 KB)

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