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IH 1480v1.01


Uploaded by tractordad

This is one of my first modifications. I increased the capacity to 50,000L. I am doing this on my own for an old school IH map I hope to develop.

I do not intend to upset of undermine and modders. I asked for help on Steam and got responses such as “It’s easy” and “Try Google” so here we are. I believe Freesharemob was the last to modify this mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Credits: tractordad


IH1480_PackV1.01 (file size = 20 MB)


  1. Spanky says:

    I can understand your frustration. But, none of the mods you uploaded opened for me. I’ll suggest starting there, by looking into your log files, and looking up how to edit xml files in general. I’m climbing the same learning curve myself. I’m trying to fix a few mods, learn a little something in the process, then fix something else… I’m doing quite a bit more now, and better in general, but still… In any case, here’s a useful link on converting mods from FS13 to FS15:;wap2

    • tractordad says:


      Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it. They have all worked for me and they are FS15 mods that I started with however, being that I created them on the same computer may make a difference. A few I just re-skinned. I would hope other people try to download and kindly let me know what the problem may be. Thank you.

  2. spike30 says:

    I havent had any issues with the old school ih mods you have made and would like to see if you could perhaps make a few more as i am interested in finding a 826 1066 1468 and 4386 mods as well as a steiger cougar mod i tried my luck at modding but didnt have a knack for it and since you said you were making an old ih map i would be interested in seeing the finished product from ih fan to another keep that old school red power rolling

    • tractordad says:

      Thanks for the reply. I’ve re-skinned and modified a few others for IH use and will see if I can come up with something for you. Still trying to decide what map to run the whole thing on.

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