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Uploaded by EpicPrydaMods

I will write credits here because they are a lot : Ranch and Farm Fencing – Sandgropper
MapSiloBand, FermentingSilo, Watermod, WoolPaletteCollector, PigMod – Marhu
AllInOneSilo – TMT Team
Cowshed – NIModding
LMS Buildings – LazyModStudios Modding
American Style Buildings, barns, sellshed, rootcrop barns – JohnDeere1952
SukupBinPack – ThompsonM06
Anhydrous Tanks – IB055
Beleuchtung – Bauer Jens1
Horses – Luculus

MachineShed, PoleBarn, Powerlines and Coop – DocElyoc
Road Construction Kit v3 – Fatian
Guard Rails – Fendt512
RusticBarns – Feterlj
Barn – Merrical Xtras, ekki
Feed Mill – Hermit23
WoodenSigns – Thunderace
Earnvale building – Andrew Standford
Avia Gas Station – Dimanix
Radio Tower – Raptor5
New VehicleShop v1.1 – Joerg_B
McDonalds – Basti_66
FSM Mill and Manure Storage – FSM Team
Raffenarie – BigBlue
Waschlange -Movie-Profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG
Barns – Axel of Sweden
Aral Station – Case Fan
Traffic Lights- Babyblue210
Multifarm – Blacky_BPG
LoadingRamp – farmerboy69
Futterlager – Ganelcer
Slaughterhouse – Javier007
Trucks – seba j
Water Station – jimdo, Tankbauer
bigmigmag, workshop equipment – JauchenPaule
Bridge – Fatian
CoverAll Building – Fraser Cow
PavementMarkings – FrankWienberg
Brewery – GE-Mapping
Convert EpicPrydaMods

Credits: EpicPrydaMods

NOTE: Map is very low quality and as soon as un update is out we will share it with you guys. Stay tune!


Link Removed – Read Report Posted on our Forum (file size = 355 MB)


  1. Blain says:

    Map is not finished. Very few trees, no water in lake. Something tells me this one was ripped from a Work in Progress forum and uploaded without permission.

    • says:


      Map has been submitted by it’s creator, EpicPrydaMods. I doubt is “ripped from a work…” by it’s own creator, but we will see if any reports comes for this specific map 😛

      Kind regards,

      • Blain says:

        Then perhaps you need to these mods people are uploading to see if they are at least half way done or not. No matter who created it, it is a waste of time to download such a large file only to find it far from complete…oh here is some more smileys for you since you like them. 🙁 🙁 🙁

        • says:

          That’s why we have a comment section and a rating system so people can express their opinion. If they don’t like it they will not download it, there’s over 4000 ls15 mods to choose from and increasing daily, our team search the internet as we speak for the latest ls15 mods, so everyone can find and download them for free from a single site. LS15MODS.COM

          And there’s people who like some mods and people that don’t like those mods, to satisfy everyone we have to upload all ls15 mods and you guys choose only what you like. Thank you!

          One more thing: the smiley is not intended to ofend you, is just for creator, we will catch him if he is not the real creator.

          Once again thank you for your feedback. And everytime you find a problem, broken and full of errors mod please leave a comment so others can see, also the creator to come with an update as soon as possible.

          Kind regards,

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