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Uploaded by Coco


Hi dear Com.
I was there all the time here in LS15 Bissel annoyed that you can not find a reasonable hydrants, where you can directly recharge water.
Here is now known from the LS13 hydrant of: “ModInc”
I merely rewritten it for LS15.
!! Specifically, I refer to “ModInc” as the Urmodder this hydrants.
ModInc has its time built this Mod and he is the author of this.
I do not want to decorate with borrowed plumes here. (Because that is not for me!)

The release I could not get by ModInc because I himself on his Facebook page
can not reach.
– Somebody should disturb I put this mod in here, let him tell me this nice way .–

The mod itself is so far unchanged.
The log is clean (even on Dedi server). SP & MP
He throws NO Errors out.

For Mod:
contain -4 styles
– Water Trigger is automatically miteingefügt
-all textures in dds
– Mipmaps for all textures – no flicker!
-Price: € 1, Maintenance / income: € 0
! The Zip. just drop file in the modfolder and buy in the shop under “repositionable” and place.!
In addition to the standard red contained in modfolder also exchange textures in green camouflage and graffiti.
If you want to change the look, simply rename the file in “texture1” and push the “textures” folder!
If errors occur, so it is up to any other mod in your folder. I myself have the 190 Mod’s in a folder and there were NO problems with the hydrants.

Credits: Model/textures/ingame by ModInc Scripting by Sven777b and Alex2009


HydrantWatertrigger_ModInc (file size = 686 KB)

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