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Uploaded by RussianFarmer

Here is my edit of the hoosier farming map by rendy (torquewrench1) added soilmod and did some field editing and added trees and some barns. Oh by the way disregard the lnie that says the map has beef in the map description. I forgot to add that.

Additional mods

optional modds

Credits: Map, some buildings I converted from 3D warehouse; Randy H. (TorqueWrench1)
Blank Starter Map; robbie
American Style Polebarns, and Pack Of American Style Buildings; JohnDeere1952
Sukup Grain Bin Pack; ThompsonM06, Lazy Mod Studios, FSD
Silo Fans, 60×80 Morton; Farmerboy69
North American Sheds; FrazerCow
Pallets of seed, fertilizer tanks, power lines, BP Station, Grain Auger; DocElyoc
LMS 50X100 Barn; Lazy Mod Sudios
American buildings; kramarj
Log Cabin, Cowsged Mod; mochtegernbauer
Wasbash Trailers; Oxtar
Round Bale; Ic3tea
American Style Hay Shed; Jdeereboy14
batiments_stockage; chtiseb
Ranch Fencing; Sandgroper
Barbwire Fence; Weltbauer
Redneck_nation_modder (me)
duramax nation modder
James Brandt
Farmerboy69 for the farm sign


FS2015_Hoosier_Farming_MapV2  (file size = 400 MB)


  1. Robert says:

    you usa map is nise filds are to small tractor will not turn around when it gets to the end and some times in the map the tractor will not pull the planter you will have to fix those few bugs and put the cows in the map

  2. John says:

    I like this map but could you make the doors open by map animation trigger instead of opening automatically? Thanks 🙂

  3. hermit23 says:

    Fields are not set up correctly.

    Field1,2, etc translate x,y,z should be at 0 0 0 for all fields.

    Then move only the buyIcon and field number to the center of desired field (LCNTRL B), and set field corners the same way.

    C1 C2


    Odd shaped fields need need more than one set of corner markers.

    Auto tractor and auto combine will work but cause lag filling log with entries.

  4. TRACE says:

    l went the sheds to close pleaes!

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