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Heavy Transport LowLoader Pack


Uploaded by EpicPrydaMods

Credits: amateur/johndeere6150 & ombelis


FSMT_Doll_ls15 (file size = 9 MB)


  1. jeffreymoll says:

    Hello whats that loader mod? the excavator?

  2. hermit23 says:

    LMB adjusts height

  3. Bridger says:

    i like it altho i wish it was fully detachable not just how it is. I also would like it higher up from the ground too, get high centered to easily.

  4. chubbzfarmz says:

    You do know you can adjust the height of the trailer by making sure your highlighted on it and using the right click for height and left click to attach and de attach….. the trailer works perfect in my opinion for a first attempt

    • Bridger says:

      Duh. what i am saying is that you can leave the neck on the truck and be able to drive away without taking the rest of the trailer

  5. chubbzfarmz says:

    I was refering to the question above as to how to adjust the height, i just thought id throw it out there that you can detach the trailer using the other mouse button incase he wasnt aware of that, wasnt answer to your comment sorry

  6. chubbzfarmz says:

    loader mod is under volvo category jeffreymoll

  7. Joe says:

    Love the size of the trailer. I agree that it would be great if the neck would separate from the trailer while still keeping the ability to adjust the height.

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