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Hayes Road Train


Uploaded by Darren1

This is just one of the awesome Hayes Road Train trucks. I have the other 4 to share but before I do I would like to see guys load some awesome american trucks for heavy haul.

I have one issue with the Hayes trucks…when driving and you steer it the screen tilts nothing major but a little annoying. If someone knows how to fix that I will send them a file to try and fix.
Thank you and ENJOY

Credits: john Der33 original and Darren1


Hayesroadtrain2 (file size = 51 MB)


  1. EZP says:

    Do things like this exist in the real world?? LOL…I gotta check this out. 🙂

    BTW…Darren…I’ve seen the weight thing you describe…usually an easy fix. I’ll have a look and post back here…

    • Darren1 says:

      Awesome that would be great, Hard to believe they do exist. Hayes was a manufacturer of some toughest trucks. They were not built for comfort, I have had the pleasure of driving a few models.

  2. EZP says:

    I didn’t really notice the tilting…so I would say it’s minor. There’s a few log errors…mostly texture related. A couple format errors that should fix themselves by ‘exporting all’ from the latest GE and re-packaging.
    Also, this part…

    The top line for example…looking at the torque=”1.7″. The scale here is from 0 to 1 so a 1.7 is read as just 1 by the game. In other words 0=0% and 1=100%

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