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Harvesting America

Harvesting America

This map is not 100% complete. But is 100% playable. You own all fields with room to make a few more. You have the standard crops plus soybeans, Animals are Diary cows, sheep, chickens, chicken2, pigs.

You can take your chicken2 and pigs to the sale barn. Grains go to DeKalb, Train yard, Potato’s and beets go to the farmers Market. Lumber yard has space for Marhu’s placeable sawmill. Have Fun.

As for a screenshot I’ll have to get back with you on that.


Harvesting_America (file size = 513 MB)


  1. canadianbadass says:

    This mod SUCKS i waited 1/2 an hour for it to load and when i clicked start it crashed my giants engine this mod doesn’t work correctly plenty of other maps to play on

  2. ColBoy says:

    I won’t download it anyway I don’t bother with maps where you start by owning all the fields, you have nothing to work towards

  3. farmboy002 says:

    Hey Charlie you need the animated map trigger mod to open some of the gates. I’m sure you can find it on this mod site?

  4. farmboy002 says:

    If you are having trouble loading the map? There is a error that can be fixed. open the map in G.E. and delete the baseball field. This will remove that error. And makes the map rum smother.

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