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Uploaded by SuperMan


All default gameplay, so no mods needed.
A total of 12 fields are available, but field 1 ( at farm ) is the only one that’s ready to reap. All other fields will have to be purchased, cleared of trees and stumps, plowed, tilled, then sown ( that’s why this map is called “Hard Workin” ).
Collectable Gold Coins.
AI Pedestrian and Car traffic
Custom models and textures ( and some hidden goodies ).
Demand and custom transport / mowing missions.
Perfect for working with large tractors and equipment.
Good for those who like working at night.
Gentle hills and level areas for placeables and custom arrangement.

All default sell points:
Grain, wheat, corn, rape, logs, eggs, wool, wood chips, potatoes, sugarbeats.

All standard locations:
Store, Warehouse, Freight Yard, Lumberyard, BGA, BHP, Garden Center, Four Mill, Restaurant.

A more modern, medium sized town to cruise in.

What’s new for version 2:
1. “Bale” trigger added to the shed along with the straw trigger with map icon. You can sell bales now.
2. Extra open barn added to the main farm for tractor and equipment storage.
3. Various small fixes and adjustments ie, gold coin slightly floating.
4. Turned the hilly area between the main farm and the BHP plant into a forest with rough dirt roads traveling and weaving around through it. Fun if you like “4 wheeling” or using the Buffalo for forestry etc. It also exits behind the BHP plant so you can use it as a shortcut to sell woodchips.
5. Tweaked crazy Uncle Earl so he’s a bit less annoying, but a tad more crazy.
6. Updated the BHP and BGA from Beta 3. No more emptying sillage issues and can now use the bucket to dump wood chips.
7. Demand missions and custom transport, mowing missions added.
8. Changed out the Diner to a Flour Mill so it would work with new demand missions.
8. Tweaked grass textures to look less “flowery”.
9. Changed field sell icons to something a little more realistic.
10. Added some custom lightning bugs to main farm. Gives the map a little more life.
11. Upgraded the starting combine and trailer to something a bit bigger, plus arranged tractors a little better.
11. Added rabid squirrel to town park……..don’t get bit.

Credits: theWOODman 2015


hardworkin2 (file size = 281 MB)


  1. MadChild_DK says:

    Wow! Just wow..

    FINALLY!! A map worth playing!!
    So nice, runs absolutely clean.

    Love what u did with the purchasable fields, so u have to remove the trees, plough it up,
    and then make it ready for whatever fruit type u want..

    The landscape is just beautiful, this is simply one astonishing map!
    5/5 stars from here!

  2. MadChild_DK says:

    Btw, love crazy earl to, hahahaha!

  3. Harold says:

    I must agree a simply wonderful map. Great. Worth 10 stars. I would ask one thing if you do another version only add a feed storage.

  4. JDRiot says:


    Love the map, always an easy start and make a lot of money quick with forestry.
    Start with good equipment and well made map.

    Only downside is I wish there were some gravel/dirt roads to lead you into town from the farm, instead of taking the main roads.

  5. Michael says:

    How do you install the mod.

  6. snoopings says:

    THIS IS AWESOME. My only suggestion is maybe some easier to travel roads? It’s a pain to drive aaaaaalll the way around field 2 & 3 so maybe something to go through the feild

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