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Greenhouse Salad V 1.21

Greenhouse Salad V 1.21

Required resources:
– 10000L seeds (seeds, wheat)
– 10000L water
– 10000L Fertilizer (liquid fertilizer)
– 120 L diesel

– Salad on a pallet (1Palette has 2000L)
– Salad waste (chaff)

This results in a passage where the raw materials are filled to 100% 5 pallets salad that is ungefair € 20,000 income on the sale.
And then there are the remains in the tanks available.
If that’s too little can the price in the zip file to adjust the value in the lettuce_reg.lua 00:50

– Fix to increase the kombatibilität as some play with Maps where you can not transport seeds with the trailer. it is now possible wheat (wheat) to use as seed
– The Association of vegetable growers now pays per Hour 100 € subsidy for the construction of the greenhouse (only placeable version)

Credits: Marhu, Andy1978


lettuceGreenhouse_placeable (file size = 49 MB)


  1. elfrancki says:

    I cannot fill the tank …
    Does I need some mods ?

  2. Wolf67 says:

    Same here, and yes I have the right UPK installed. The Water tank works, the Seed box works and the doors work, but I can’t get the liquid fert, or fuel to work.
    Please fix.

  3. Wolf67 says:

    I think I have this working now, dose anyone Know of a good sell point that works with this?
    It would be helpful if people would link trailers and or other objects that are needed to make things like this work when you upload it.

  4. gilberto de moraes says:

    Estou com esse mod produzindo, meu mapa é Texas só que não consigo saber onde vender? Se puderem me ajudarem ficaria muito grato.

  5. gilberto de moraes says:

    Cara eu não consigo que esse mod dealer park funcione. Qual é o mapa que você usa?

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