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Uploaded by RussianFarmer


Version incl DamageMod
– Fix for stocks

Version incl DamageMod
– Map zip now includes SoilMod and the slurry manure compost lime version (the screen to the map selection please correct version select you want to play)
– updated feedlots to v5
– Cattle market added (at the Logistik GmbH)
– Manus BGA updated
– UPK “building” revised, equipped with conveyor belts and ParticleSystemen

– Food storage Tierhof rebuilt (the “unload” my blade is possible, as bales)
– Refillable Dieseltanks added ,,, e.g. Dealer (order MietMod) and large BGA
– Added clover and Lucerne
– added potato washing system
– Added potato damper
– added swill Master
– added storage for washed / steamed potatos and pigForage
– MilkMax added
– Modified grass texture
– added wood chips bearing ParticleSysteme –
– Trigger for wool and wooden pallets fitted (spinning) ,,, (different prices for pallets)
– Trigger for washedPotatos in crates and containers MilkMax installed at Edeka
– Price and Income adjusted
– Installed PlayerSpawner / extended (key “with Input / Output Digital Display equipped
– revised various other things and fixed

Version 1.2 GMK Mod
– added composting plant
– added sawmill for planks
– Manure / manure / lime / compost Mod

Version 1.2 SoilMod
– added composting plant
– added sawmill for planks
– Compost for SoilMod

Servus LS community
I hereby present you the grazyland for Farming Simulator 2015 is available.
Those who still remember the map of LS13, it has not changed much 🙂
A few adjustments had to be made ,,, a few things had to give way, a few things were added, but on the whole everything is like “before”: P
Facts: Multi Fruit -> oats, rye and sunflower (incl. Planning and particle animation, lime and fertilizer as well), chicken and pig fattening, cattle fattening, agricultural flyer to fertilize the fields (for the lazy among us) WaterMod, manure / dung / Lime Mod, warning signs, barriers (some open to the manual), MapSiloBänder, 2x Fermenting silos, 2x feed storage, extra potato / beet stock at the animal farm and the BGA (UPK), manure storage, Häckselgutlager Chips stock on the farm and distributed 3 pieces on the Map (UPK), 2 Mixer stations, beets Schneider, wool pallet collector, straw power plants, factory for various things, Manuel BGA from the LS13, Mini BGA on the animal farm, logistics center, Green Ag, Roth Ag, rape Ag, cereals Ag, country store, garden center, Edeka, sugar egg, water pumps, butcher, oil mill, saw mill, biomass cogeneration, Map lights, lime / fertilizer produced purchase and storage conditions, a fillable stations (farm and animal yard), gas stations with variable prices, Digital level displays, ChoppedStraw, BunkerSiloHud Ready, Seedmaster normal seeds (seeds) can be Utilized as it were, for the standard drill,
Traffic passes over the entire map. Pedestrians in the village.
This was it first in the rough and all, I’m sure I forgot something back, but most of it was recorded 🙂

Required Mods
Animation Map Trigger:
GülleMistKalk Mod
Universal Process Kit v0.9.8
Multi Fruit basis Mod
Soil Management
Sooo, long story no sense (no description reads anyway)

I wish you much fun on the Map
Big thanks goes out to my testers: chrisu70, clod 2.0, maisbauer1242 and of course the whole LU GreeenDevils team who have a 4 week stress test on the Dedi Server pulled through 🙂
Special Thanks goes to: BlueBaby210 for the release of MapAmpeln! THX
Someone forgot to Creditz? Report to you by private message! THX
1x unzip file and choose “Copy” everything in the mods folder!
grüsse mngrazy

Credits: Marhu , matzesft , FSM-Team , buchhauer , Alex2009 , Blacky_BPG , Ls-2013Modding , KundS Modding , Livestyler , freak36558 , skydancer , GE-Mapping , ZeFir , Eribus , Vertex Dezign , GCG Modding , Manu ya , Fendt512_Farmer , Bluebaby210 , | Mark44 | , 112TEC , Trekkerbodo , SBorg , mariodieck , _PaPa_ , TheAgraama , Typho0n , Romank , manuuuu , webalizer , t0xic0m , Farmer_Andy , Funky , tobiasgo , Mannie313 , Hardstyler , upsidedown , JakobT


FS15_grazyland_v1point4point2point1_ExtractMe (file size = 589 MB)

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