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GrandFalls V1.3 Map

GrandFalls V1.3 Map

Uploaded by SaturdayMorningBacon

Here is my latest version of Grandfalls V1.3 MAP.
NEW firelog production! You farm now can produce firelogs to be sold at the home hardware store. All you need is straw/woodchips and a little bit of time 😉

Other revisions: Thousands of new trees; fixed TMR for dairy cows; added fertilizer and seed dispenser at farm; 2 sawmills to produce lumber; Adjusted map icons

Credits: Map: SaturdayMorningBacon FireLogs: SaturdayMorningBacon Credits: Biface,DownforceKing,SaturdayMorningBacon,Thuruk modhoster,Harrybo,t0xic0m,Rambow145,Jakob Tischler/upsidedown/Marhu/JHML and many more I’m sure but they haven’t filled in author field


GrandFallsV13 (file size = 776 MB)

One comment

  1. Matt says:

    What John Deere tractor is that in the picture of this map.. I like it, but I don’t remember seeing it before. I would really like to know what the name is of that mod

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