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Uploaded by Jack

This is Graceland.
Thanks to RobJ4077 for helping create this map.
The map is 4x.
It’s layed out so that you can either play a smaller portion or grow your farm as you desire.
Will make excellant multi player with plenty of extra room and storage spaced out around the map.
This is a mid west style map with plenty of open room for larger equipment.

Depending on your preference, you will either start out with 10 million for easy, 5 million for normal, 2.5 million for hard.
You have 10 player owned fields, two ready for harvest, the rest are in sequence of the next growing cycles.
The outer area is great for multi play and has extra storage for equipment, plenty of fuel, fertilizer and seed stations placed to help you along the way.
The map has 49 fields total. All fields can be purchased at the realtor office.
Outer layer fields are planted with pines that will need to be cut and harvested to prepare for planting.
There are several mods installed in this map to make the game play more enjoyable and give you a little more to do.
The lumber pallets, wool pallets, and greenhouse pallets can be sold north of the port at the spinnery symble.
The compost machine requires windrow or grass to change the product to manure.
The lumber mill requires windrow or chips for fuel. Once started it creates wood chips and pallet lumber.

multifruit (oat, soybean, sorghum, sunflower, rye) All ingame equipment will harvest the added crops
chopped straw
pig,beef,lamb,chicken fattening
cabbage, tomatoe, cauliflower greenhouses
MilkMax (with sale trigger)
digital amount readers
lumber mill to process timber
mixing station to auto mix forage
compost machine to produce manure
fillplanes for multifruit
storage for all windrow types / grass / chaff/ silage / forage / manure
animated map objects for doors gates and crane
water mod
market to purchase fattening animals cheaper
pallet collectors placed at sawmill,greenhouses,milkmax, and wool spawner
conveyors (mapsiloband) at all tip triggers for easy loading.

Required mods to download:
1. AnimationMapTrigger
2. SoilManagement
3. ChoppedStrawMod
Recomended mods:
1. Addfilltypes mod

Recomended equipment:
If you choose to use the milkmax machine, you will need a trailer that hauls milk, and the stop milk sale mod, place the sign on the map
and then place the pickup trigger where you would like to pick up your milk, the delivery trigger where you would like to deliver milk. (note: you can do both, fill the machine and sale the excess milk)
The homogenized milk the milk max creates will sale it self when the colletor is full of barrels.
all of these can be found on / those mods are all placeable and need to be in your mod folder.
trailer WaterMilkZunhammer

Included in this zip file:
2. – place in mod folder
3. ZZZ_multiFruit – place in mod folder – can override existing
4. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard – keep with map (may be different for other maps)
5. Soilmanagement instructions.
6. MapInfo.txt

Credits: Giants


GRACELAND (file size = 634 MB)


  1. Mike says:

    this map is awesome, the best map I’ve seen so far. What do you need to make mixed ration

  2. Mike says:

    Cant load milk

  3. Mike says:

    cant find V1.2…George can you give me any help

  4. Angel says:

    hi i have just started playing your map and have come across an issue i can not access the milk and its needed for the lambs? i am hoping you can fix this soon as i need milk pretty much straight away.

    thank you for taking the time to read this

  5. Hawk Gaming says:

    get map from American Eagles Modding. Need to set up free account. They have version 4. I am play this one no issues.

    • ralph bailey says:

      i had tryed te to register with american eagles i got an email about 2 days ago but said i would another one when i was approved but not heard any thing how long does it uaually take to get approved

      • Hawk Gaming says:

        when I signed up first and only time I put in my info and was in mods in seconds. May want to check again be sure to use correct info. Should not have any problems.

  6. ralph bailey says:

    thx hawk i got the one email within seconds but it said when approved i would get anoter one but over 2 days now and still not heard

    • Hawk Gaming says:

      Your welcome sorry to hear about problems. I have been using them for years now so they may have changed procedure but I don’t remember any email, but like I said been along time ago.

    • Hawk Gaming says:

      Your welcome sorry to hear about the trouble. It has been years since I signed up so things may have changed. I would try to just log in and see what happens.

  7. Gary Post says:

    I’ve done everything I cam think of to get this to load,,, just keeps running in “loading, please wait” mode. Any help would be appreciated

    • George Mullin says:

      You have a mod conflict. Try running only the mods that come with the map and see if it loads(make sure to back up all your other mods you have though, make another folder called mods2) and load in only the mods that come with the map and see if it loads, if it does load then you can slowly start adding your mods back in until you find the one thats causing the issue. Also be sure to check your game log for any errors.

  8. Gary says:

    I downloaded a mod manager and was able to get the map to work. My first issue is there are no fattening chickens to purchase for the farm.

  9. Gary says:

    My second issue is the greenhouses will not accept any fuel.. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Joe says:

    This map is stolen, go to American Eagle to get this map!

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