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Here I have a GoKart for you.
NOTE: absolute Funmod!
As I have repeatedly Geshen videos in which ‘heated’ in multiplayer with any vehicles on Maps is, I came up with the idea for it to build a go-kart.

The GoKart can drive nothing but horns and very fast.
So be careful when driving!

Credits: GoKart, 112TEC

For me, the log is error-free!


GoKart (file size = 12 MB)


  1. Joe says:

    JUST what this game needs..More CRAP!

    • mike j says:

      its not just a farm sim theres the whole giants released editor and the model importer apps etc. theres a cool map called the top gear test track. everything you need to farm and all the open flat land you can handle PLUS a nifty recreation of the top gear test track which this little go kart zips around, and since they made the track wide in multiplayer these little karts are a flipping blast. i only wish we could get a updated football and a couple more tracks on one map. also on the regular maps this cart flying in first person the the corn field is a thrill! lol one persons crap is anothers treasure i guess.

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