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FS15 Great American Farming

FS15 Great American Farming

Uploaded by frank

Here is an original map with many mods found on many maps already published… This map is farming focusing, but the installation for wood cutting are there.

mods needed:
– animation map trigger
– multifruit mod
– chopped straw
This map is soil management prepared as well as damage and repair mod. Mud has been installed some place, so you can use Terrain and Dirt control mod. You know where to find them.
No potatoes and sugarbeet dump location… use the tipping mod already available to download if you want to…
If any problems, tell and they will be adressed…

Credits: map terrain by Frank. Everything else by the modding community… You know who you are.


FS15_GreatAmericanFarming (file size = 260 MB)


  1. TD says:

    it lags a lot

    • Cowboy2300 says:

      I had the same issue

    • Mogul says:

      Great map – cant play it: there is a problem with the save file, the map doesn’t save bank of hagenstadt and more important doesn’t save the courseplay file to the savegame so you can use these things but you cant save courses which makes it unplayable if you have to redo courses in course play at every session. If these things are fixed this map concept is very awesome.

  2. FarmBoy says:

    Map is very nice, i have a decent rig and i only get 20 FPS on it..

  3. jake says:

    I had to reinstall farming simulator because it said cannot load xml file

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