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The package basic idea of ​​is derived from is a Russian Artist See.
I use the full verticum I modified the structures that and in this form, bigger, more decorative hedonic value kínálom gamble.
beer_hm – the brewery hops purchase, water and barley, adding that produces the light and dark beer. The beer sale the alcohol selling at points is realized.
LiquorDistillery – distillery prepared cherry liqueur, brandy and vodka. In the production contain necessary – potato, grapes, cherry, sugar, water.

The sale of alcohol selling points is realized. Cherry tree and vine can be purchased at the store.
Oliveline – oil press factory produces olive oil and olives, canned goods. Required – salt, olives, water. Olives can be purchased at the store.
Productionofbread – Bakery and of the mill. The mill three types of flour produced by the bakery for. (wheat, barley, maize)
The bakery necessary the breads produce wheat, – árpa.-corn flour, Sugar, salt, water. The products can be sold in the store.
Cannery – The canning factory mixed vegetables, canned goods, lecsó and sweet corn produced. Necessary for reconstitution tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers, corn, salt, sugar, water. In the shop to buy the greenhouses.
Sugar Salt – The sugar factory sugar beet by adding sugar we can produce. The salt in a Bolte do you transfer an.
Vegetable_and_grocery_stores – convenience stores, markets and pubs as well as leisure outlets. You can sell the harvested fruits, as well as products produced in the factories. A free point of sale immediately pay, the convenience store and the market will amount only slowly credited.
Fruitcannery – The fruit canning factory three types of canned produce (apricot, orange, plum). In the production contain necessary yet sugar. The trees can be purchased at the store.
YogurtFactory – A yogurt factory three types of yogurt produce (strawberries, pears, apples). The necessary even milk and sugar. The trees can be purchased at the store.
.ZIP Files in the package should be placed in the MOD subdirectory.

Credits: Vaszics


Fruit_Package_byVaszics_v1.0 (file size = 374 MB)

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