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Fortschritt ZT 303 C V 1.0

Fortschritt ZT 303 C V 1.0

Since I have not really found in LS15 something of the old DDR technology, I decided once a ZT 303 to build for my needs.
Maybe I can do one or the other a favor yes here.
What can he:
He can drive, which most importantly is yes.
He can rattle the doors. (IC control – Leetaste + Mouse)
It can open the roof for the purpose of ventilation. (IC control)
He has obstructed the driver’s one-handed controller.
He has functioning mirror.
He smokes a ZT typical.
It has a built me ??engine under the hood.
He has animated ads.

He has normal and working lights.
He has shown no error in my log.
He gives me personally a lot of joy.
What he did not:
He has no Dirttextur because I with my program that can not create and I personally after this Dirty Are
5 min Time holding as totally unnecessary.
My tractor driving the ZT so that it does not become dirty.
A few things I’ve beautified him and installed from the Giants spare parts warehouse a few things as you do not have to reinvent everything.
For newbies a little description.
The all-purpose tractor IFA ZT 303 C is developed in the 60s in the tractor factory Schoenebeck tugs of 100 hp Klasse.In the former GDR it was the tractor to make the hard work on the field or in transport in addition to the gas-guzzling Russians, hatte.Im RGW, which was the lead agency of the economy to socialism time, the tractor production in the GDR has been limited to 100 hp. Vile businesses have then built the famous six cylinder from the chopper, so they got more power according to the profile. In my hometown ran alongside a K 700, two ZT 303 C throughout the year in the 3 layer system before the plow or other heavy equipment, and managed almost the same Ha result as the Casimir. 5 Schar against 6 Schar.Die engines stopped since 2 to 3 years, which many a astonishment spawned.
He has power of 100 hp and a pleasant consumption of diesel.
Speed ??approx 32 kmh at normal setting.
Have a little put on the pump and let it run a little faster, because I have a very hilly Map and I do not do on any slope with despair wants to wrestle other tractors.

Credits: gtschmied


Fortschritt_ZT_303_C (file size = 30 MB)


  1. CARJA says:

    How did you do to show you the game fps?

  2. Rox says:

    U can use Fraps or similar program for showing the min, max & average fps in games & record video too.

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