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Ford Utility Truck

Ford Utility Truck

exclusiveUploaded by Z

An error free and decent handling update of this truck…
‘Cause Rambow said this…

May 10, 2015 at 10:03 am
@ brownthumb Could you fix the log errors please ? It looks like you know a lot about them. And could you go in every mod I made and fix them too please and thank you its hard to do every thing. I would guess this is why game makes have a team to make games one can do one thing the other can fix the stuff thats broke and the others do whatever needs to be done. 🙂 Thank Rambow145”

I’m not brownthumb but I went ahead and fixed the errors…and other things. Removed some things that were waaay to high in their poly count for what they were…ie rollbar
It was a quick lunch hour project…don’t expect too much…it’s still too shiny and there’s probably other broken parts I didn’t even look at. Log is clean though.

Credits: kaleb hensley, rambow145, bigcountry


FordUtilityTruck (file size = 18 MB)


  1. Rambow145 says:

    Kind of late on the error fix!! lol, I fixed the errors long ago lol about a month ago. a video that shows that I fixed it, love it when others try to act like they did something that has been fixed, now this uploader might have fixed the errors in this truck. And that’s good 🙂 Thanks

  2. Z says:


    Well maybe if they were error free in the first place, people wouldn’t have to fix your broken mods.

    Only reason I did anything with it was to show that it took about 20 minutes to make it error free. I actually thought this was Kaleb’s mod…if I knew it was yours I wouldn’t have touched it with a telephone pole.

  3. Z says:

    Hey LS15 moderator…can you please delete this mod from the site?

    I want no part of this site with Rambow attached to it. I shall not bother to contribute here anymore.

    • says:

      Hi Z,

      Your mod is very good, no complains so far from our loyal visitors, you listed authors and described the situation, I don’t see a problem here, also just because you uploaded this modification you already eligible for our $100 monthly contest… and the chances to WIN are increasing if you continue uploading more modifications than other uploaders. You can edit, modify any ls15 mods, they are freeware according to Giants Software.

      Thank you!

      • Rambow145 says:

        I love comments Like this easy work !! So keep the mean comments coming Thanks Z for the help and it was Kaleb’s I brought it over from fs 13 and got it where it is today. And you can say take it down, They wont and it would be back up tomorrow, you can upload this mod or a new mod to one web site. and then in 1 Hour ONE Hour!! yes one hour your mod will be on like 5 other mod sites that’s how it works so the best thing to do if you don’t like others uploading your stuff then get out of the modding biz. Thats just what I have found out from day one. nothing you can do about it sorry. every one will hate on you for helping others out that want mods but no one will help and then when one does help they get stormed with hates nothing again you can do about this . Like the big actors say when they was first trying to make it big if you can’t handle it then you best get out of it. The hates the dislikes don’t bug me any more. the dislikes on my youtube video helps my channel I have found this out not to long ago. 😀 this is how I am using the hates.

        • Z says:

          My request to have this removed was based solely on your first comment Rambow. You see, you’re the hater this time.

          You’re rant…if it had a point…did accomplish one thing though. That 100 bucks a month should be all yours every month if you keep driving other people away from this site. Maybe that’s your motive…I don’t know nor care. I do know you’re part of the reason this site has the reputation it does.

          I think you’re more concerned about being internet famous than being considered a modder. You have a long way to go on both counts IMO. A modder is someone who builds a model in a 3D proggy, textures it, scripts it and releases an error free mod. Anything less is just editing….which is what I consider you as well as myself…just a mod editor. So don’t blow yourself out of proportion ok?

          Anyway, so the mod stays up for the 4 people who might download it. So be it. It’s still the last mod I upload here. I only have 4 so no big loss right?

          • Rambow145 says:

            Z… you need to watch some of my videos then you might know why I do mods. I am done trying to tell every one why. And every one can keep talking down to me if that makes them feel better.
            My life have been a hard road from the time I was 13. I am 30 now and one day when I get tons of subs I will tell why my life has been hard. Not so much money hard but other things. No one died or nothing like that. I have been broke down so many times that this doesn’t bug me at all. But, lol, every one is starting to sound like a broken record player.
            Every one can keep saying I act like a kid and so on so if that make you feel better, go it, for I am done fighting about mods. I am done and every one needs to move on and get a life or try to do something good with their life and stop getting mad at others that they think their life is gold.
            And I don’t care if I win that $100. But it’s nice to know that the work that I do is appreciated. And from the way it sounds that’s why every one is mad at me. A tip.. don’t be lazy. Try your best and that’s all you can do. Try to see things through other people’s eyes. If some one does something that’s not perfect, at least try to see the good out of it. Don’t try to bring others down because it just makes every one feel bad and it makes you look bad. It’s not cool… it’s way from cool.
            I will keep on keeping on so keep talking, keep disliking me all you want but till I get set on money, I will not stop, no matter how bad I feel in life. (how bad I feel in life, I will tell more of that some day in one of my videos). Every one has them and others have them way worst. Think about that.


            Thanks, LS15Mods for all the support 🙂

  4. CastAway says:

    Nice mod Z, thanks!

  5. MadChild_DK says:

    Once again Rambow, ur mods and “fixed” version are not that great as u think!
    So i really follow Z here, that he wont be connected to this site when ur attached to this site..

    I have tryed downloading a couple of ur “fixed” version mods, they all suck..
    That is my oppinion, and i wont change it until u are so much better as a modder..

    • says:

      This is a public network, anyone can upload modifications whenever he wants.
      Also as a modder you can request that comment section to be locked, but all visitors cannot leave feedback etc… and as a modder you cannot make even better mods, fixes wthout knowing the bugs…

      Z and Rambow145, and all other modders have the same rights by using our services, no one receive special treatment…

    • Rambow145 says:

      Thanks MadChild_dk I really don’t know how much better A modder could get. And MadChild _dk Would you please tell me where every one is getting this that I am so great at mods and please get me the links of the mods you down loaded please And I will tell you what part I had to play in that mod please Put the links below and please no one stand up for me I don’t want any one to get ban or this chat locked. And This would help clear up a few things. And if your going off this from my how to mod videos on youtube they are old and was just showing what I knew at the time I Can now make a working no error mod and can make my own parts in around 8 hours. The videos were for help to get started because no one will tell how to mod or start modding.

      Thanks so much if you could put the links for the mods that you tried out and was junk.


  6. farmboy002 says:

    When you get down to the meat of it. It all belongs to Giants. They are the ones that made the game and the software to make mods. I have made a few maps with a starter map I downloaded. And have used other mods to make them funner to play…Who cares who made this or who made that. It’s just a game and if you can make it more enjoyible for others does it really matter if you at least tried to improve a mod or a map. come guys get over it. And have some fun….

  7. Rambow145 says:

    I want to say thank you to you farboy002 I agree with your comment completely. I try my best to put credits in the mods that I upload so the ones that made them before at least get a little credit but you are right it does and always will belong to giants. I get tired of people saying that my mods are crap when they don’t put up any better ones. I have never once said mine are perfect and all I am trying to do is what you said make the game a little more fun for all of us by making things that we normally wouldn’t have in the game.

  8. Z says:

    Well Rambow…we all have our life struggles. Best of luck to you on yours. The funny thing is, if we hadn’t of gotten off on the wrong foot, we might have been able to help each other. I know some stuff, you know some stuff…and it is hard to know everything that’s needed.

    I had hoped to find a couple like minded folks and try to from a mod group…but I can’t even find an English speaking forum that’s friendly. I’m thinking it’s just the general FS community. I’m a late comer to the series. Guess I don’t fit in. Well obviously I don’t fit in…no guessing about it. I hear Spintires is a good game though, and with a big modding community. Maybe I’ll see some of you there.

    • Rambow145 says:

      Z Make mods for whatever you want or try to help others like you have done. You have not done any thing wrong on the mods. I get hate all the time for doing the same as other modders. So if I came off sounding like I was outing you, I really was not. I read Tons of hates all over about me and most of it is made up about me. So if I came off as an A** to you, I am sorry and don’t take it to heart. You have done nothing wrong and yes, spin tires game is an awesome game but no one is really showing or telling how to do the modding and if you do find something it’s not in English. And I really don’t want to team up with any one. Not because I want all the credit, it’s because if I want out then I can get out and no one has to rely on me. Youtube is just my job and I don’t do it for the fame. I do it for the money and I like gaming and having fun. Now I put more hours in to Youtube and stuff than an every day job. It just takes time to get out there and start making something.

      Sorry for any hard feelings. That wasn’t my intentions. 🙂


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