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This is the F350 Work Truck Pack from FS13 converted over to FS15 all 3 trucks have low trailer hitch 2 of them have 5th wheel hitch.

to operate tailgate left mouse button up and down low beam and high beam lights work lights and fog lights. This is the plain Version.

Credits: Niceguy4704, ~RaceTime911~, ArcticWolfModding


f350worktruckpk (file size = 59 MB)


  1. colton says:

    when you purchase them they come up with about 5 stacked on top of each other you cant even get in them and you cant sell them are very hard to move out of the way also so don’t download until they fix the problem and please fix it someone they are nice trucks but have to be able to drive them to be worth it.

  2. Chubbzfarmz says:

    Great mod steering and horsepower are way off but is a great mod for a first upload for sure…. just needs a few tweaks to take it the rest of the way there

  3. John says:

    It takes forever (Like literally if i didn’t click esc i would be in the Purchasing screen forever) and i went down to the shop and the trucks were stacked on top of each other and not able to be entered. I dont know whats up but hope you can fix it.

  4. Chevy power says:

    Needs some work. No boxes on top, new wheels and tires and lifted a little bit to pull the eager beaver trailers

  5. diesel dynasty says:

    nice truck, but can make the accretion better and fix the sliding thanks

  6. Wolf67 says:

    Really nice trucks. Had to take the shell off that one because the glass gate wont go up, but I like it better that way.
    Was looking at the extras, and would really like to see one with the flatbed installed, and maybe a set of duals under it.
    Would have attempted it myself, but the body is all one piece, and I’m no good with 3D editing, so I hope you guys do one soon.

  7. Wolf67 says:

    Not sure why, but it seems my comment was never approved. I don’t think it was a bad one, so don’t know why, but here it is again.

    I love this truck pack, but I had to edit the one with the shell on it because the glass gate did not open. But I like it better as a standard truck. Great job on these.
    I noticed a flatbed in the files, but I don’t know how to remove the standard bed as I don’t due 3D modeling.
    Would be great to have one with the flatbed, and maybe duals on the rear with the stock size tires.

    • Rambow145 says:

      I think one of my mods I fixed was not uploaded because the name was saved for the credits but the truck was not uploaded I tried one more time if It is not up loaded this time then I will have to stop putting in my videos when making them. And I put the truck out there and show how I did it and then it never gets uploaded and all some one has to do is do what I did in the video and upload it and then I missed out and then others that don’t see my video thinks I took it and just put my name on it for sure. See what I mean you all. 😉

  8. Chevy power says:

    This thing needs to be lifted, Different wheels and tires and sounds fixed. And get rid of the boxes and random stuff on the truck

  9. Caseihman38 says:

    Better off left in 2013 to be quite honest..

  10. Wolf67 says:

    You guys and your negative feedback are not helping promote the modding community. Negative feedback should be helpful.
    And why dose everyone want big wheels on everything?
    It’s a farm Sim, you wont see many lifted trucks working on a real farm.
    I like the trucks in the stock configuration, they look nice and clean, they work as intended, yes they could use a bit more power, the breaks are a bit weak and they slide some. But other then that, I have not seen any other issues such as stacking or hanging in the buy screen, and no one I farm with has had these issues, so it may be your game/mods your using, check the log file.

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