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Ford F350 Flatbed Pack #1


Uploaded by TriicksEnigma

Once again, Rambow’s mod that I re-textured. This pack contains the color requests that I have received so far. I am gladly taking more requests for colors that you might want,

so comment with any ideas. I am getting ready to start on making a King Ranch version of this truck. Will release is as soon as I get it done. Enjoy!

Credits: TriicksEnigma,Rambow145,BigCountr


Ford-Pack (file size = 67 MB)


  1. jcbrobbie says:

    hey can you try and make an camo one that would look so nice

  2. Casey says:

    We need one with a normal bed or a welding bed. That would be awesome

  3. Synovec Farms says:

    Black and Pink with a Camo stripe in honor of my fiancé that passed.

  4. Synovec Farms says:

    Black and Pink with a camo stripe in honor of my fiancé that passed last year. 🙁

  5. Synovec Farms says:

    Sorry I made a repost, stupid phone is being lame. ^^^

  6. TriicksEnigma says:

    I have been trying to find a regular bed for it. I haven’t found a bed from any of the old mods that I could use. Still looking

  7. Noah says:

    Could you do black and grey

  8. TriicksEnigma says:

    Any patterns like camp or similar will be difficult and may not look very well, I am working on remapping the trucks texture to make it so that patterns will be right. But as of now the patterns may not look well

  9. Rambow145 says:

    Sorry guys These mods you all are putting up are real nice and I will try them and do videos on them some time soon, I been working on mods that is not in the game or if they are no one has put them out. I should have 4 new mods coming out today that will make your farming way more fun 🙂

    • Darren1 says:

      Man these Ford’s are amazing, I have seen the ones with the box that don’t even come close to matching the truck, is there any chance of changing one of these and putting a normal short box on them.

  10. Synovec Farms says:

    Do a truck about like Rambow 145’s and have the chrome stacks, but have the stacks pink, the truck black, and then a camo stripe. I think people would like it. 🙂

  11. Ydodg47 says:

    white with a crome finish and black american force tires and a fuel tank on the back that you can use

  12. ryan b says:

    Could u do red and black? Thanks

  13. CaseyGarber says:

    yes red but not flat bed,and long and no duals thankyou

  14. CaseyGarber says:

    THIS TRUCK WAS AWSOME IT HAD REALY NICE GRAPHICS. but the light bar looked like 2013 not 2015

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